June 16, 2010
Some International iPhone 4 Pricing

More international iPhone 4 pricing plans released, details for Orange in the UK anyway, and a re-iteration of the unlocked iPhone4 for Canada news from the other day:

In related news, Canadian customers have a reason to celebrate. They can by a 4G iPhone directly from Apple and it will arrive at their maple-scented homes completely unlocked. Here it is from the horse's mouth: "By purchasing your iPhone without a contract, you can use any SIM or micro-SIM card from a compatible carrier, including your current one."

You lucky dogs. Take pity on your AT&T-bound southern neighbors.

Lucky that we get an unlocked phone for the full $600 I suppose, but we still have to wait an extra month (or possibly now even longer) than you hosers.


Posted by Arcterex at June 16, 2010 01:23 PM