July 14, 2010
Evernote Unveils "Trunk"

The evernote blog has information on the secret update that was revealed today, The Evernote Trunk.

The Trunk is a showcase of great apps and products that makes your Evernote experience more awesome.

To access it, click on the new "Trunk" icon in today's update to Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac (Evernote Web later today, iPad next week). Clicking it opens a window full of amazing intergrations. Today, there are nearly 100 items listed across five categories: Mobile, Desktop & Web, Hardware, Gear, and Notebooks (this one is really cool, more on that later).

Read on in the blog post.

Personally I'm a bit disappointed, from what I can tell it's just a way to find hardware and software that interacts with Evernote, which is cool, but not something that you couldn't get in a simple webpage on the evernote site....

Posted by Arcterex at July 14, 2010 12:27 PM