August 25, 2010
Internet Explorer 9 UI Revealed

Paul has been passed on an image from Mary Jo Foley which has the Internet Explorer 9 UI Revealed. Looks nice and clean for sure, with lots of room to be filled with, eBay, Bing and Yahoo search bars. The big test for me will be how fast does a new tab get created, because I have minimal issues with the actual rendering of IE8, it's the fast it takes longer than a few milliseconds to create a new tab (clocked at 4 seconds by counting Mississippis) which is completely unacceptable. Even setting the 'new tab page' to 'about blank' has it taking 2 seconds on a dual core, 3G machine.

Still, I like the clean and chrome-like UI, really short area available for tabs could be problematic. Guess we'll see what happens when it's released next month.

Posted by Arcterex at August 25, 2010 10:38 AM