September 01, 2010
Apple Keynote Stream Info and Workarounds

Macrumors has a good list of Requirements and Workarounds for the live Apple event that's happening today at 10. As you (as an apple fanboy) probably already know, this is the first time in ages that Apple has provided a live stream of a keynote, potentially putting an end to a fair chunk of the "live blogging" done by such sites as Engadget, GDGT, Gizmodo, etc. This isn't (yet) a crushing blow for it though because a) you can't scroll back a video to see what you've missed (well, you can, but not as easily as scrolling up a webpage to catch the highlights) and b) currently it's only streaming to apple devices (safari on OS/X and iOS devices).

Short story is there's not a simple hack like changing your browser ID string because the stream is using a technology called "live http streaming", which is a "standard" in that it's a standard, but only implemented so far in OS/X and iOS devices. So the live bloggers have another keynote at least.

Update: The workaround of using VLC seems to work nicely, just 'open network location' and paste in the URL. Right now the test URL is

You'll have to find the "real" URL for the keynote is though, probably on MacRumors or similar. I'll update here with the real URL when I find it.

Update: Here's a rebroadcast on ustream as well as a possible stream (doesn't work for me in VLC though). Best of luck to you guys though...

Posted by Arcterex at September 01, 2010 08:21 AM