September 06, 2010
First Windows 7 Phone Ad

Well, Microsoft has never been known for it's eye catching and mindshare-grabbing advertising right? I can't dispute what 9-5 Mac says about the first Windows 7 phone ad. Seriously, you'd think that they'd want to grab the viewer with something of either technical wizardry (look, multiple exchange accounts! for example) or "feeling" (look! you can escape those silly iphone people and be good at business and fun! for example)... instead you get something that one would almost mistake as an empty screen if you were to see it on TV.

However, I'm sure that they planned it this way, wanting to create "buzz" on the internet as people talked about how horrible the "ad" was, because at least then we'd be talking about the ad. Still, I'm not convinced thanks....

Posted by Arcterex at September 06, 2010 02:57 PM