September 07, 2010
Samsung Fascinate Lightning Review @ Gizmodo

A good illustration of "the curse of open" in the Samsung Fascinate Lightning Review at Gizmodo.

The Fascinate is a sad emblem of what happens when a carrier's worst instincts and moneylust run unchecked (those big branding deals are worth millions). Piled on top of the occasionally horrific aesthetic liberties Samsung's taken with Android, it's an abomination. And yet, these things are totally acceptable because of Android's openness. It just sucks that in this case, it's working against users, not for them.

Sad, as Android (for all my iPhone fan-boyism) is a great OS and it's sad to hear about a phone being bastardized so much on a platform that should be open and awesome.

Posted by Arcterex at September 07, 2010 03:03 PM