September 28, 2010
iPad vs. PlayBook vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Slate

Thanks Aryk for the link to this Gizmodo Ultimate Tablet Showdown, comparing the specs of iPad vs. PlayBook vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Slate.

Two points:

  • The iPad appears to be last in all but the most important categories (IMHO), price, battery life, and applications. -- me
  • "it's the only thing that actually exists in real life :)" -- Aryk

The latter point will go away (in theory) in time, but the former is fairly normal for Apple... the iPod's list of features is going to come in pretty much last compared to any other mp3 player, yet it dominates, even without expandable memory, an FM tuner, OGG playback, etc. I don't think the iPad will "lose" because of this though. On that note, Apple, you guys still haven't contacted me to send me a review unit.... time to get on that mmmkay? :)

Posted by Arcterex at September 28, 2010 11:11 AM