November 01, 2010 Shutting Down

I know I'm a bit late to the party (been a long last few days) but it sounds like the excellent service is shutting down. According to the Blog they were bought by Facebook and are shutting their doors in a staged way:

As of this week, people will no longer be able to create new free drops, but you'll be able to download content from existing drops until Dec. 15. Paid user accounts will still be available through Dec. 15 and paid users will be able to continue using the service normally. After Dec. 15, paid accounts will be discontinued as well.

While I'm happy for the guys over there for selling the company, I'm sad that the service will be gone. I heard on today's TWiT podcast that they were basically bought for one guy, and this means that the group of people that filled the niche so well aren't going to be innovating anymore on this project. Hopefully though they'll continue on to new and interesting projects!

Posted by Arcterex at November 01, 2010 03:04 PM