May 31, 2010
Opera 10.6 alpha For Linux

OMG Ubuntu has the opera 10.6 alpha for Linux as the fastest yet. Looking forward to playing with the new version to check out the updated UI, etc.

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The Oatmeal on What your email address Says About You

Great cartoon about What your email address says about your computer skills via The Oatmeal.

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Super Nice Looking iPad Newsreader

9-5 Mac has a look at the supposed ultimate iPad newsreader. Gotta say that way of getting news is very appealing to me.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer

I never read the Scott Pilgrim comics, so when the movie was announced I was kinda "meh" on it, but Darren pointed me to the Official Trailer over on Facebook, I gotta say it's on my radar big time. LOL @ "the other L Word".

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May 29, 2010
Apple / Microsoft Flamewar Cliches

TUAW has their list of 7 anti-Apple cliches that need to die, and (with shorter details) a few anti-Microsoft cliches that are good as dead as well.

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May 28, 2010
Lost Alternative Endings and Unanswered Questions

Lost Alternative Endings and Unanswered Questions - great video... hilarious stuff (but only if you're a Lost fan of course).

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Reveal Trailer

Another (longer, fuller, more awesomer) trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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Autonomous Quadrotor Flight

Via @milesforrest is this video of Aggressive Maneuvers for an Autonomous Quadrotor Flight. Bad description really, just watch the awesomeness:

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Ubuntu 10.10 Application Menu now available for Testing

You know, I love Linux, and while I used to be an extremest, I'm not (as much) anymore. However I find it really funny that while the Linux-heads are denouncing "CrApple", the golden child of Linux (Ubuntu) is moving more and more towards Apple-esque conventions. Case #1 is this new Ubuntu 10.10 Application Menu, which follows not that long after the debacle about the window menu buttons moving from the right of the window to the left (same as on OS/X).

Granted, this is for the netbooks, so it does make sense...

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Gary Coleman Dies

Sad to hear that Gary Coleman has passed on.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Janet Frank said life support was terminated and Coleman died at 12:05 p.m. MDT.

More on CNN. Very sad to hear, I used to rush inside every afternoon at 4pm to make sure I could catch the new episode of Different Strokes. Bye bye Arnold, we'll miss you.

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Opera Speed Tests

In light of the recent Google Chrome speed tests, Opera has put out their own speed test, using their own... "unique" metrics :)

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iTunes Gift Cards Can Buy Apps In Canada

I didn't realize until today when Aryk pointed me to this article: iTunes Gift Cards now Canadapatible for purchasing apps in Great White North that the fact you couldn't purchase apps with iTunes credits was just restricted to Canada (or at least non-US)... I figured it was a limitation of the whole system. Turns out not, and that's good news, cause I still have $8 sitting from a gift card from years ago just itching to be used on the latest and greatest apps!

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May 27, 2010
50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics

Hongkiat has a list of 50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics. My favorite one is the space exploration one (of course).

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Inside the Wired iPad App

Interface Labs had a look inside the 527mb Wired iPad app and asks Is This Really The Future of Magazines? After reading this I'm a bit scared if this is the best that a major magazine can do. Though to be fair, if you're stuck in the "old" publishing world, this makes perfect sense.

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The FlashBake Project

I heard about FlashBake a while back on TWiG. Basically it will periodically commit all the "stuff" you're doing, along with context (music playing, that sort of thing) to a GIT repository. Basically a private "life backup" system. Something to play with for the geeks out there.

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Nikon 6mm Fisheye

Photographers are probably the only people who will understand the awesomeness that is this Nikon 6mm fisheye that has shown up on ebay and is making it round the blogs lately.

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May 26, 2010
Phase One acquires Microsoft's Expression Media software

This is interesting if you're in the Photography world.... Phase One has aquired Microsoft's Expression Media software. If you remember, "Expression Media" used to be iView MediaPro, a pretty damn good bit of software. It's interesting that a) Microsoft would sell off software that fills a gap in what they have available (though maybe it's not a core competancy of theirs, so they felt it better to put it in the hands of a company that truely knows Photography software), and b) someone aquires software from Microsoft, and not the other way around. It'll be interesting to see what happens here. I've used PhaseOne a bit, and it was more a RAW engine, so maybe grafting that onto the Digital Asset Management (DAM) software in iView-now-Expression Media is something that will put a third pony into the Aperture / Lightroom race.

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Ubuntu 10.04 Benchmarked And Reviewed

Toms Hardware has Benchmarked And Reviewed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. They have, as always, been thurough in their testing and evaluation.

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Fedora 13 Released

A bit late on the draw I know, but you might be interested to see that Fedora 13 was Released. The boys over at Linux Outlaws even did a special podcast episode all about it!

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Unanswered "Lost" Questions

If you think that you're ok with the ending of Lost, you probably won't want to watch this video with a loooooong list of unanswered questions :) Thanks to @milesforrest for the link.

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Parrot AR.Drone Gets Price and Release Date (Almost)

Remember that awesome iPhone controlled flying drone from a few months back? Well, at E3 it will get a price and release date.

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Mac Half Life 2 '1984' Teaser

Check out the story or the great Mac Half Life 2 '1984' teaser video on youtube. Looking forward to this too, and as the rest of the games on Steam start rolling out their Mac versions.

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May 25, 2010
The Process (a.k.a. Designing The Stop Sign Video)

After being in more than a couple of corporate meetings myself, I can say that this video of The Process (a.k.a. Designing The Stop Sign Video) video.

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Rid The Internet of All Mentions of Justin Bieber With A Firefox Add-On

Title pretty much says it all: Rid The Internet of All Mentions of Justin Bieber, With A Firefox Add-On. If you already have this, you won't see this entry.

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List of Real Life Cheat Codes

Reddit has their list of Real Life Cheat Codes. Everything from how to play a DVD and get straight to the movie to getting out of speeding tickets. Of course, your mileage may vary with some of these :)

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May 24, 2010
BlackBerry OS 6.0 Pre-release - Unimpressive?

This video of a BlackBerry OS 6.0 Pre-release shows that there's definitely some work left to be done. Or maybe not, as RIM seems to have the business market locked up, it's not like they have to compete with the superior technologies of iPhone and Android. Or do they?

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BitTorrent Open Sources 'Improved' BitTorrent Protocol

TorrentFreak notes the news that BitTorrent Open Sources 'Improved' BitTorrent Protocol

BitTorrent Inc. has open sourced uTP, the BitTorrent protocol powering the latest release of uTorrent, in the hope that other BitTorrent clients will soon adopt it. UTP promises less congestion for ISPs and end users without degrading overall download speeds.

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'Nigel', A Twitter client for the iPhone

In more Twitter and iPhone news, check out this Preview of 'Nigel' a Twitter client for the iPhone, powered by Phreadz. It looks to be a bit like Brizzly, taking the stock twitter and extending it to be a bit more useful and user friendly.

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Seesmic for iPhone Available Now

I somehow managed to miss this this last weekend, but Seesmic is now available for the iPhone and Touch / iPad, etc.

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May 23, 2010
Block Sites from Using Your Facebook Login with Adblock Plus

WIth all the recent Facebook privacy issues, you'll definitly want to check this lifehacker article on how to Block Sites from Using Your Facebook Login with Adblock Plus. Yet another reason to use AdBlock plus! (please click on the ads though of course! :)

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Ruby on Rails 2.3.6 Released

Rails nerds out there will already know that Ruby on Rails 2.3.6 has been Released.

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May 21, 2010
Fail-a-thon Friday

To celebrate Friday before the long weekend (for us .ca folks anyway) I present you the Fail-a-thon. Try not to laugh if you're watching this at work.

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LOST Screen Time Pie Chart

Funny LOST screen time pie chart from Joy of Tech. Speaking as someone who went from never having seen a single episode in February to being up to date and waiting for the last episode, I endorse this pie chart.

Another Lost themed cartoon this morning is from Hijinks Ensue, which says it all I think.

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May 20, 2010
Alleviate tired eyes in Ubuntu with Redshift

Now this stuff is friggin' awesome. Check out Redshift, an app that will do some color shifting magic to help your eyes adjust towards sleep more easily.

The color temperature of your screen is set according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime.
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Google TV

Google TV has been announced. Not sure if it'll be something for me, but could be interesting.

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Valve Releases Some Early Mac Statistics from Steam

Some early statistics for Steam on the Mac.

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May 19, 2010
Fake Steve Jobs Email Exchanges

Another email exchange between (Fake) Steve Jobs and a user. Funny thing is I didn't realize this wasn't a real exchange right away, and saw it as completely legit :)

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Twitter for iPhone is Here

The "official" twitter client release of the previously named "Tweetie 2" is out, and Twitter for iPhone. The icon change is a bit strange to me (it's now blue instead of silver), but other than that it's mostly the same. Some cool stuff for when you're not logged in, and the search screen is a bunch nicer, but other than that it's mostly the same old Tweetie (which isn't a bad thing, as that's my 99% go-to app for twitter on the iPhone). Review and screenshots in the linked article.

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Mockups of Ubuntu 10.10 Windicators

Ayatana has posted some great mockups of "windicators", the new feature penciled in for the 10.10 Ubuntu release.

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A Real Iron Man Suit

If you have some free time and $4000, you too could build A Real Iron Man Suit. Thanks to Aryk for the link. My only comment? "OMGWTFWANT!"

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Apple Keynote Bloopers

Peejay threw me over this great Apple Keynote Bloopers video with the comment "Lotta people died for that video".

All said, that's not bad for 10 years of doing live demos in keynotes, and The Steve is pretty good at shaking it off or making a joke about it. Some good stuff in there though.

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iPod Touch with Camera Leaked in Vietnam

After seeing the news that a iPod touch with 2 megapixel camera was leaked in Vietnam I really wonder if whatever business Apple does in that area will be gone in 6 months.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

Buddy at work pointed me to the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer which shows a (quick) taste of what CoD:MW 3 will look like. While I agree they seem to be rushing the games out a bit fast, now I am excited about it coming out :) Official site here.

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May 18, 2010
Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

Great news! Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

We have confirmed that Valve's latest and popular titles like Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2 are among the first of the Steam Linux titles, similar to the Mac OS X support. The released Linux client should be available by the end of summer.
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Kevin Rose Gives A Glimpse Of The New Digg

Deep analysis on techcrunch as Kevin Rose Gives A Glimpse Of The New Digg.

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jQuery for Designers

Cool site: jQuery for Designers with Tutorials and screencasts.

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New Hotmail Interface Previewed

The Windows Live team is giving a nice preview of the new Hotmail interface. They introduce the "sweep" (which lets you filter off "grey" email, lists you legitimately signed up for for example), integrate more tightly with Skydrive for uploading images to send, and (sadly) sound like they're going to try to re-introduce an email thread as a new concept. You can skip the video at the top of the page, there's not a lot of real content there, or at least shiny screenshots anyway, which is what I was wanting. The main site for the page is here which lets you see some more details of some of the new features.

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Google I/O: Live Keynote Streams

The google blog has the links to the live keynote streams for Google I/O which starts tomorrow.

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Daring Fireball Asks: Should Adobe Ship a Jailbreak iPhone Version of Flash Player?

Gruber links over to the question of Should Adobe Ship a Jailbreak iPhone Version of Flash Player? and my answer would be "yes", with the reasoning behind that being that it will either prove Apple very right or very wrong, as there are really only two scenarios:

  • It will crash and burn horribly, as the Android flash demo which crashed repeatedly, or the battery life of the flash-enabled tablet. Apple will be all "ha, we told you we were right" and people will go "oh, maybe flash isn't something we need on our portable devices"
  • Adobe will pull a rabbit out of a hat and you get some magical framework that doesn't drain your battery or burn your leg when it runs, and your wife/gf/bf/husband can now play their clicky games. Apple would then say "that's all good, but we already have HTML5 that does all that already, what about mouseovers huh!?" and people will continue to bitch about Apple while continuing to buy the product and/or jailbreak (or on a long shot, move towards Android/etc and force Apple to innovate more/better.

Just sayin'.

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The Pirate Bay Back Online

In case it's gone when you read this, you can see bythis image that The Pirate Bay is back online and mocking the entertainment industry for trying to shut them down. Silly multi-bazillion-dollar industry can't even stop some guys in Sweden from running a server....

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50 Free Mac Games

MacAppStorm has the list of The Ultimate List of 50 Free Mac Games, proving that the Mac can compete on the gaming front. Uhm... yea.... Still, there are a few gems in there, and hey, the price is right right?

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May 17, 2010
Tweaking The Mail Server

I've made a couple of minor tweaks to the mail server as seems to have gotten on an RBL list :( Not much we can do about it it seems, though I might be able to fake things out through our second server's IP. Please keep an eye and let me know (posting here if needed) if you're having any strange mail issues and have an account on the server.

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A "life-changing" Can for the Blind

Cool story about some young inventors from the West Bank, A "life-changing" invention.

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How-To Replace Your iMac's Hard Drive

If you're wondering if you should buy the low end iMac and replace the drive, or are a bit nervous about doing it yourself and figure the extra money for the larger drive is worth it, this How-To on Replacing Your iMac's Hard Drive might help you make a decision.

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Facebook Privacy Scanner @ is a Facebook Privacy Scanner which will scan your facebook settings for you and show you any issues with it, and give a one-click fix to fix them.

With the backlash against Facebook lately, this is a great looking tool that works nicely. The only complaint I have is that it will just fix the issues with one click, without actually telling you exactly what it's doing, in case you were wanting to keep it that way, or tweak it. Still, perfect for your mother/sister/kids/grandmother who you don't want to accidentally share out a bit too much!

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The Hacker's Code

Haven't seen this one before: The Hacker's Code - from reddit.

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Wordpress Plugin List From Miss 604

Vancouver Blogger Miss 604 has a nice set of slides up on plugins to make your Blogging Live Easier from WordCamp Victoria 2010.

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IBM Model M Keyboard Simulator

Reminisce about the good ol' days when a men had real keyboards that went clack clack? You'll love the IBM Model M Keyboard Simulator which is pretty much exactly what you think it is. Just make sure your sound is turned up to "manly".

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May 16, 2010
The Geek Alphabet

Joey the Accordian Guy posted a great list of The Geek Alphabet. In this link much awesomeness lies.

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He-Man Covers 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?"

Just when I was pretty sure I'd seen the weirdest, sickest, and most depraved things on the internet, I see that Laughing Squid uncovered He-Man Covering 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?". Yea, it's that. I'm still not sure what mix of "awesome" and "disturbing" it is :)

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Bewildering Tangle of Facebook Privacy Options

The NY Times has an infographic on Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options which maps out some of the head-shake-inducing privacy options and mis-steps that are in facebook today.

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Crysis 2 Screenshots

Shacknews has the first 2 official Crysis 2 Screenshots from in-game. Looks good, still looks like it'll make my video card cry though :)

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May 14, 2010
Random Awesome: Jewel - The Needle And The Damage Done

Found from some conversation on the Howard Stern show this morning, here's Jewel doing a live cover of The Needle And The Damage Done

That's just awesome.

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Mac OS X Portal Performance

Looks like the performance of Mac OS X Portal Performance isn't all that fantastic :(

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Where the printf() Rubber Meets the Road

Where the printf() Rubber Meets the Road is a great look down the deep, deep rabbit hole that is "where is printf() implemented" in a language that doesn't support inline assembler. For deep programmer geeks only :)

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Userfriendly iPhone App

According to the latest site news, a UFie has put togheter a $0.99 app to get Userfriendly on your iPhone.

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May 12, 2010
More New iPhone Details

Another one turned up in Vietnam nad toutes A4 Processor, 256MB RAM, N90 PRO2 with some Translated Impressions.

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Amazing Gymnasts

Wow, you thought you had some skills? Check out these crazy gymnastics!

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Portal is FREE! (Till May 24)

The steam store announces that Portal is FREE!

Portal used to cost money. Until May 24th, it's free. End of story.

Awesome, another great job Valve, not only a steam / games for Mac release today, but a free (awesome) game available for both PC and Mac. I actually started describing portal for a guy at work and halfway through I was really wanting to play this again, so I know what I'll be doing tonight!

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Steam for Mac Client Available for Download

According to the forum post, Steam for Mac Client Available for Download but Service Not Yet Active. I'm sure it'll be up RSN though.

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May 11, 2010
Square iPhone Payment System Alive

Square appears to be up and alive, though US only for the moment. Nice site, and nice features. Hard to beat when you compare their CC charges and fees compared to the competition (at least according to the numbers on their website of course :) Wonder if it's available for us .ca folks anytime soon?

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Techniques to Extract Anything from its Background

Another nice fozbaca find is this Photoshop tutorial: 6 techniques to extract anything from its background.

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The Attempt to Leave Apache Forever Fails Painfully

Eric Harrison has a great writeup on his attempt to replace Apache with Cherokee, and the challenges (and painful fail) he encountered.

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The Art of Photographic Composition

Fozbaca tweeted out this great article: Master the Art of Photographic Composition. Awesome example images and good stuff!

Posted by Arcterex at 04:08 PM
The Humble Indie Bundle

When the "pay what you want" Humble Indie Bundle came out a while back, I noticed, but since the games weren't "big titles", I was kinda "meh". However, today when coming back to the site I noticed that the games are all cross-platform, and after watching the video, the games actually look pretty good. Hey, if you don't want to play them gift them to a friend or neighborhood kid who could use something nice. Remember that it goes to help the Child's Play and EFF charities.

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Motor Trend pits Lexus LFA against Nissan GT-R

In the mood for some awesome car porn? Check this this video where Motor Trend pitted Lexus LFA against Nissan GT-R in epic drag race from That's some sexy car right there. Recommended watching in the 720p version!

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Hilarious: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

One Div Zero has a hilarious Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages.

1842 - Ada Lovelace writes the first program. She is hampered in her efforts by the minor inconvenience that she doesn't have any actual computers to run her code. Enterprise architects will later relearn her techniques in order to program in UML.

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Hilarous: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

One Div Zero has a hilarious Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages.

1842 - Ada Lovelace writes the first program. She is hampered in her efforts by the minor inconvenience that she doesn't have any actual computers to run her code. Enterprise architects will later relearn her techniques in order to program in UML.

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May 10, 2010
Simple Desktop Wallpaper

Simple Desktops is a collection of simple desktop images for people who like a more clean system to work on.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3 Officially Announced

LittleBigPlanet, the defacto "must buy/first buy" game for the PS3 has finally had it's successor officially announced. LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3 Officially Announced for Winter 2010! Pretty sure my wife is going to love this one..

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May 09, 2010
Ubuntu Concerns

I just finished installing Ubuntu 10.04 on my own machine as an upgrade, this article got my attention, as well as it's other article with the 10 days of 10.10 feature requests. Good stuff all around, competition is good and all that.

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May 07, 2010
When 4Chan Gamed the TIME 100

We looked at the (latest) 4Chan Time Top 100 hack a while back, now there's a good video from itself: When 4Chan Gamed the TIME 100.

Posted by Arcterex at 02:46 PM
Ruby on Rails Repository Virtulization from 2004 to 2009

@dhh posted this morning this very cool video of a visualization of the Ruby on Rails repository from 2004 to 2009:

Posted by Arcterex at 10:57 AM
Android on iPhone 3G Take 2

Aryk send this great video of Android on iPhone 3G. Looks like work is progressing nicely, calling, multi-touch, etc, with the one big issue being sound isn't working, but based on the video and the guy doing it, that should be working soon.

Posted by Arcterex at 08:58 AM
The "Lost" GraphJam

As someone who has spent the last 3 months watching seasons 1-6 of Lost, this chart makes complete sense.

Posted by Arcterex at 08:44 AM
May 06, 2010
Scribd Switches to HTML5

The slideshow viewing site Scribd will be switching to HTML5 away from flash. Sounds good to me, the less flash the better, not cause I don't like flash, but I do like seeing new innovations and standards adoption.

Posted by Arcterex at 04:40 PM
Modern Warfare 2 Free Weekend on Steam

Steam is having a Modern Warfare 2 Double XP, Free Weekend where you can play the multiplayer component of the game for free this weekend. Nice stuff, especially if you've somehow not played this game yet or not played the multiplayer component before.

Posted by Arcterex at 03:23 PM
Metro 2033

Just heard about the game Metro 2033. Trailer looks pretty good, anyone try it?

Posted by Arcterex at 01:52 PM
Opera Software Offers Thoughts on Future of Flash

Seems like everyone is weighing in on Flash after Steve Jobs put up his open letter a few days ago. Today there comes Opera Software Offers Thoughts on Future of Flash where they basically say that they'll continue to support it, but sees it taking a backseat to HTML5 in the future.

Posted by Arcterex at 10:56 AM
If Super Mario Bros. Was Made in 2010

Kotaku has a great graphic of If Super Mario Bros. Was Made in 2010.

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May 05, 2010
Looking at InstaReader As A Reader / Instapaper Bridge

Via Fozbaca: InstaReader - Bridging The Gaps Between Google Reader and InstaPaper

InstaReader Sync is a service to automatically sync your Starred Items in Google Reader, with your InstaPaper's read-later list.

Nifty stuff, and beginning to go in an interesting "I want bookmarks for things everywhere but accessable from one place" direction that I like.

Posted by Arcterex at 11:20 PM
The Largest Electric R/C Model (One Of)

Great video of a 19 foot spanning B-50 bomber model, flown by Tony Nijhuis and is one of the largest R/C Models in the world.

Posted by Arcterex at 03:43 PM
New Google Search Going Live

If you've hit google today, you might notice that your search results look a bit different. If it isn't for you yet, give it time, it's rolling out. The Google blog has the skinny on both this and the similar updates to the mobile search.

Posted by Arcterex at 01:51 PM
Darth Vader on TomTom GPS [Fun Video]

Aryx sent me this fun video of Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS.

Posted by Arcterex at 11:20 AM
Epic 32% Beer

A Beer "unboxing". Epic.

Posted by Arcterex at 11:18 AM
Intel Atom-Z runs Quake 3 @ 100 FPS On A Cellphone

Amazing how technology moves... now the Atom-Z processor for cellphones can run a high end game from not that many years ago (or is it?) at at 100 fps. Wow. Not sure how much of that is a) game age b) skill of iD Software in making a scalable game that will recompile for almost any processor or c) holy crap processors are getting faster and smaller!

Posted by Arcterex at 10:59 AM
MechWarrior 4 Free Release Now Available

A couple of days ago the MechWarrior 4 Free Release Was Available for all. They had some issues in the initial period with server overload, but I'm sure if you haven't gotten it already, you probably should head over and check it out.

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May 04, 2010
Amazing Remote Control Helicopter Tricks

A video of some pretty Amazing Tricks done by someone who I would never let fly me in a real chopper (or car for that matter) :)

Posted by Arcterex at 11:42 PM
Status Code Drinking Game

Found via @brianleroux is the Status Code Drinking Game. Don't expect too much, and just reload :)

Posted by Arcterex at 03:27 PM
MarsEdit 3 Released

If you're into blogging and Macs, you probably know about MarsEdit, and if you're into MarsEdit, you'll probably want to know that MarsEdit 3 has been released. Hit up the press release with the details.

Posted by Arcterex at 03:13 PM
XKCD Color Survey Results

Interesting results from the Color Survey that XKCD did a while back, with some interesting (but obvious) results that basically say that if you're a girl, you know a lot more color names than if you're a guy :)

Posted by Arcterex at 08:57 AM
May 03, 2010
VMware Fusion Beta 3.1

VMware Fusion Beta 3.1 RC is now available. Touted changes are more responsiveness and better Unity view.

Posted by Arcterex at 09:51 PM
Ubuntu Meerkat Innovation Starts

The controversial decision by Ubuntu for moving the window control icons from the right to the left might become a bit more interesting now that some of the documents about what's to be done is coming to light. Mark Shuttleworth has posted some mockup drawings of the things that will be able to be done in the next version of Ubuntu now that the right side of the window border is freed up.

Posted by Arcterex at 12:06 PM
True Blood Season 3 Poster

Just reminding ya'll that True Blood is coming back for Season 3 in just over a month. Yay for non-woosy vampires!

Posted by Arcterex at 11:54 AM
Official Android Twitter Client

Twitter has released an official Android client. The screenshots look pretty nice, but since Google hasn't gotten around to sending me that evaluation unit, I can't give you a hands-on review :)

Posted by Arcterex at 11:44 AM
Inc. Live Live Video Chat with 37 Signals Founder

Inc. Live is doing a free video webcast in just under an hour:

Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals and Inc. columnist returns for a live video chat on business innovation. Join the conversation on Monday, May 3rd at Noon EST / 9 am PST.
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Connect Designers and Developers

Build It With Me is an interesting idea.... say if you are a designer or developer, put in an overview of your project, and what you're seeking, and.... uhmm... profit? It's a cool looking idea, and a sexy (but a bit slow) website. I'm not sure if it's really just a way to get free work on your project, or potentially a great way to connect people to work on projects. If you're looking for a project to help out on or something to do in your free time, this is the place to get it.

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May 02, 2010
The Hidden Secrets of iPhone OS 4

A bit old, but Gizmodo has a nice post on The Hidden Secrets of iPhone OS 4 with all the little details that weren't big enough to be considered tentpoles, but are still nice to see!

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iPhone / iPad 'Spirit' Jailbreak Released

A new jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad called Spirit has been released.

The untethered jailbreak works on activated iPhone OS devices running 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.2, although iPad owners are warned that "all this is still sort of beta" and might require you to restore if things break.

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