October 28, 2010
Rescued Baby Hummingbird

Pretty awesome video of a Rescued Baby Hummingbird and it's interactions with a person after hand raising it.

Gets a 9.5 on the cute-o-meter.

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October 27, 2010
Mind Hacks

Some cool brain hacks if you wanna give yourself hallucinations, get rid of pain, or otherwise mess with your head.

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October 26, 2010
Evernote 4 for Windows Released

Saw that the aweome Evernote has release Evernote 4 for Windows, with a completely re-designed UI (looks like proper native windows widgets now, not the weird half-windows half-mac widgets that while looked good made development faster, felt just out of place enough on Windows to be slightly weird. Other UI changes, a redesigned clipper and tons of other stuff. Can't wait to get my fingers into it. Congrats to the Evernote team for another great release and a continuing great product!

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How To Build an Optimus Prime Costume For $5 Out of Used Cardboard Boxes

Nice find on /Film, a video of how to Build an Optimus Prime Costume For $5 Out of Used Cardboard Boxes. Looks pretty good too.

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Statement on FPS on Consoles

This image says all that needs to be said. Hat tip reddit.

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October 25, 2010
AWS Free Use

Just found out today that as of Nov 1, Amazon web services are going to have a Free Usage Tier.

Below are the highlights of AWS's new free usage tiers. All are available for one year (except Amazon SimpleDB, SQS, and SNS which are free indefinitely).[...]

Cool stuff! Interesting to see if they pull in new users with this model.

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Yoga for Nerds

Yoga for nerds.

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Iconfactory on Twitteriffic 4

The Iconfactory has some information on Twitteriffic 4.0 which will be coming along sometime. Some other info up at The Apple Blog.

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Mac OS X Lion Notes

Leave it to the apple geeks to completely zapruder a screenshot. Case in point, some interesting analysis from the few shots we saw of OS/X "Lion" at the last apple event.

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October 22, 2010
Give Sonic Fan Remix a Spin

There's a Sonic Fan Remix that looks pretty damn awesome. And as a non-Sonic playing person, that's saying something. There are links to download the game by torrent or direct download as well. Love the first comment:

Message to Sega: pay this guy some money to complete a full game, trash that crap you call Sonic 4, and release this as the new Sonic 4.


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October 21, 2010
Opera 11 with Extensions

Saw on reddit that Opera 11 with extensions has been released. UI tweaks, extensions (no adblock yet), plus other goodies. Another one to give a look at for sure.

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October 20, 2010
Old Sierra games coming to iPad as unofficial web apps

Sounds like Old Sierra games are coming to iPad as unofficial web apps. Personally I think this is awesome, I'd love to play Space/Police Quest again. Hope it's not just iPad though.

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Apple to Live Stream Today's Media Event

Sounds like once again Apple will Offer a Live Video Stream of Today's Media Event. Sounds like it'll be Apple devices only (iOS and OS/X) to view it though :( There'll be live blogging of everything again I'm sure.

If you're an Apple person who refers to days like this as "Jobsmas" you know where to go to find out what's expected, where to find it, etc.

Update: Here's a list of sites to keep an eye on in case you don't know where to go :)

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October 19, 2010
Rumors for 10.7

TUAW has rumors of what's coming for Mac OS 10.7 at tomorrow's big Apple event.

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Trainyard iPhone Game

I don't normally pimp out iPhone games, but a coworker pointed me to Trainyard and I grabbed it based purely on

  • Looks fun and easy (perfect checkout line game)
  • Lots of content in there
  • Cheap ($0.99)
  • Canadian based company

I'm not sure who else is involved, but when I find something that's nifty, I like to share.

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Bridge Eaters Tilt-Shift Video

Bridge Eaters on Vimeo is another video in the vein of the ones posted the other day. This one demonstrates a couple of key points that you need for good TS video (I took some random iPhone video footage and played with a TS Video app yesterday)... View from above and a view of big things far away, both of which enhance the "view of tiny toys" feeling. Embedded below, full screen and HD recommended.

Bridge Eaters from Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo.

Hat tip Daily Dose of Imagery.

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Desktop Linux Is.... Dead?

Slashdot declares that this is the year of the linux desktop! Desktop Linux Is Dead... wait what?

I still use a linux desktop for my development work, and while there are still issues compared to the integration of Mac OS or the support in the software and hardware world of Windows, I don't really think that it's "dead". The author is more saying that:

Ultimately, Linux is doomed on the desktop because of a critical lack of content. And that lack of content owes its existence to two key factors: the fragmentation of the Linux platform, and the fierce ideology of the open-source community at large."

That all said, Linux and the Linux Desktop and Linux fanboys are going nowhere soon. GNOME 3.0 is in the horizon, and even without the critical acceptance from the world in general (what we all dreamed about in the mid-90s), the people who use Linux on the desktop will continue to rally and support it for a long time. I do agree that I don't think that the Linux community believes they'll overtake Mac or Windows any time soon.

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HP Launches WebOS 2.0

9-5 Mac has the scoop on the new webOS 2.0, along with a nice laundry list of features in press release such as multitasking, "just type" to start creating content without opening an app, Flash, Skype (verizon only wtf), plus more.

I'm not sure if this will bring Palm HP back into the game for mobile smartphones, but it's definitely good to see it giving a go. I wonder if this is now their last last chance?

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Enterprise JavaScript Is....

Enterprise JavaScript Provides proven high performance, enterprise-level and scalable JavaScript tips and best practices.

Cool idea.

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October 18, 2010
Carved Pumpkin

If you are in a pumpkin carving contest, sad to say you already lost to that guy. Wow.

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The Future is Now

At least according to this Cracked.com article.

Filed under "funny cause it's true".

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October 17, 2010
Awesome Example of TiltShift in Video

Video that is a great example of a tilt-shift effect. Pretty commonly seen in images, not so often in video, but it seems to be more popular now, I think there's even an iPhone app to do it :)

Two more great examples here and here.

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October 14, 2010
Project Intrepid - A 23 Foot Long Lego Battleship

INTREPID COMPLETE (On show)Amazing photoset of Project Intrepid, which will put even the strongest Lego Maniac's heart to shame. Wow.

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How To Deal With 100+ Versions of Android

Story on /. on the issues of 100+ Versions of Android when dealing with the TweetDeck Android app.

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How To Make A Successful MMO

Interesting article over at GuildWars.com on how to make a successful MMO. Good guide for the next time someone ways they have a "WoW killer" and just need you to work for a couple of weeks until they get funding....

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Dollhouse Music Video "Remains"

Awesome music video from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD, both sad and creepy all at once, great music though. Good to see Topher up and around again :)

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Fan Remake of Duke Nukem 3D in Unreal Engine 3

I think I'm more excited about the news that there is a Fan Remake of Duke Nukem 3D in Unreal Engine 3 than I am about DNF.

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October 13, 2010
Transformers 3 Behind The Scenes Footage

F Stoppers has some pretty epic Transformers 3 Behind The Scenes footage. Love the grin on the cameraman's face at the start as he's running behind the guys shooting... looks like he's having a blast!

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NewTwitter Now At 100%

The twitter blog announces that now #100% of users have access to the so called "newtwitter", the (IMHO) excellent new web interface for Twitter.com.

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Screencasts

If you've ever done any Ruby on Rails programming you have no doubt encountered @mhartl's great railstutorial.org. You'll be happy to know that there is now a set of 15 hours of screencasts to go along with it. Super awesome, and nice and affordable as well.

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Chrome Browser Does Instant Search From The Address Bar

Cool stuff, you can now enable Google Instant from Search bar in your Chrome browser if you're up to date with the latest Dev build (just updated this morning for me). Just head to about:labs and enable "instant" in the settings there, and then hit the restart button.

It works as expected, filling the browser window with the search results from your typing on the address bar, and clearing it and going back to whatever page it was before if you hit ESC to clear it. Looking forward to how it feels and works in practice. Note: Not only mac, works in all (dev) builds of the browser.

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Apple "Back to the Mac" Event Oct. 20

The people who have been waiting and waiting for Apple to get their faces out of this silly mobile stuff and update the OS, iLife, etc will be happy to hear that there is a "Back to the Mac" Event Oct. 20. The logo can't really be interpreted as anything other than an introduction of OS/X 10.7 "Lion" (but who really knows). Be interesting to see what happens next week.

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SMBC Theater - Faking It

Too funny not to share was this SMBC Theater that a coworker shared out on FB today. Thanks @halkeye.

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Food Ad Tricks

Cool video to Help Kids Understand Food Ads. Of course, if you think this is some sort of grand scheme by fast food places to make sure the pictures of their burgers look 100x more awesome than in real life, you're right, course, this is no different than pretty much every other industry and every other commercial image or video. If you look at any product of any sort in any sort of ad and think they're not manipulated in some way or other, think again. Every screen image is simulated, lash inserts are added, and every bit of food has some gross and disgusting goop applied to make it look succulent, and I'm pretty sure half the time cars in ads are all computer generated.

Reddit story source.

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First Chilean Miners Freed

Great news, after 68 days, the First Chilean Miners are free. Awesome news, and an amazing story. Of course, the Internet has weighed in with typical hero :)

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October 12, 2010
Funny Wedding Photography Video

Pretty much any photographer will recognize this video, though I have a feeling that this will fall true with pretty much anyone who is self employed.

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Amazing Video Photoshopping

The Daily What has a video of an amazing video Photoshopping tool called MovieReshape, allowing you to reshape actors in essentially realtime. Hard to describe, hit the site to view the video.

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Ubuntu 10.10 Released

I know it's a bit late, but if you didn't know already, you should be informed that Ubuntu 10.10 was Released on Sunday. Main new features include:

  • New "ubuntu" font
  • Updated and improved installer
  • Faster boot process
  • Changed and updated some program (photo manager changed, faster Evolution mail client, better Gwibber twitter client, and improved sound applet integration).
  • Many more...

Hit up Ubuntu.com for details and downloads.

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Squirrel vs. Slinky

Just a reminder that your feeble attempts to deal with squirrels probably won't work. I just hope they never get opposable thumbs....

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October 11, 2010
Death-defying Wingsuit Video

Amazing and Death-defying wingsuit video shows what it's like to be a real-life superhero. The part where he skims by the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil is possibly the most awesome thing I've seen.

That said I have no idea how they manage to find areas where land is sloped just right so that they skim above it while falling (with style).

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October 08, 2010
Watch This Man on Fire Leap Out of a Skyscraper

Watch This Man on Fire Leap Out of a Skyscraper.

Uhm. Wow.

Two questions:

  1. How does he walk around normally? I mean, it's gotta be hard with balls made of steel and the size of basketballs!
  2. I can see myself as a stuntman and I can see doing a long jump. I can see being lit on fire. I can see jumping through a glass window. I cannot see myself doing all three.

Kudos to my buddy Jim for sharing this on facebook.

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Minecraft is Just Awesome

Minecraft is Just Awesome is a great parody of the Discovery Channel's "boomdiada" song for, of course, the Minecraft crowd.

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October 07, 2010
100 Funny Falls

I'm sure the sadists among my audience will appreciate a video of 100 Funny Falls. SIckos. :P

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XKCD's Online Communities Map #2

Online Communities 2 is the new most awesome thing from XKCD. For your enjoyment, note that there's a huge size version, and you may want to look at the original comic and since my birthday is coming up, I'll just leave this link to order a poster here.... just in case ;) (though who am I kidding, no one actually reads this site...)

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ie6 Effect Ported To HTML5

If you've been using the net for a few years you'll recognize this ie6 effect that's been ported to HTML5. Ironically doesn't work in IE (at least 8).

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October 06, 2010
Six Months with Opera

Addoula on OSNews talks about his Six Months with Opera 10.5.

Since the launch of Opera 10.5 in March 2010, I've been using it as my primary browser, whether at work or at home. Using Ubuntu at work, and a Windows netbook at home, I wanted a fast browser for my netbook and a coherent browsing experience on both operating systems. And this is where Opera 10.5 (and newer) fits perfectly.
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Full 'True Grit' Trailer

Awesome trailer for the new True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, and Matt Damon. Big props for using Johnny Cash in the trailer soundtrack!

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Vizeddit - Reddit Votes/Comments in Realtime

Vizeddit is a very cool javascripty magic thing that lets you see reddit votes and comments in realtime. Works on chrome and FF (possibly others). Note: If it's just falling reddit aliens, give it a bit more time, soon it will show up properly (unless the server's crashed again of course). Very cool stuff!

Reddit discussion here.

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Xmarks Premium Pledge Campaign

Gruber points to a Xmarks Premium Pledge Campaign, so sign up if you do like XMarks and want to keep it around, and are willing to pay real money for it.

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October 05, 2010
Duke Nukem Forever Live Demoed on Stage in Europe

I don't believe it, even if I see the video on the computer with my own eyes.

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Realtime Sound Processing on a C64

Cool live footage demo of realtime sound effects done on a Commodore 64, with some commentary about how it can't be done, especially not on something with 64k of ram!

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October 04, 2010
The Oatmeal On Email

If a comic can get my blood boiling and the tears starting from the horrible memories of bad email interaction, then it's doing something right. The Oatmeal - If you do this in an email, I hate you.

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Homemade Video Camera Into Space

Awesome video of a home project to send an HD video recorder into spaaaaaace. Seriously though, it's pretty amazing what a couple of guys with some consumer grade equipment and a tiny bit of knowhow can do these days. Video embedded below.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

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Bullet Time Surfing

What do you do if you have 52 Canon 5D Mk 2s? You make a video of surfers in bullet time style!

Hat tip to the reddit article.

Note the other cool video is this behind the scenes one.

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Google TV

The Google Blog has the start of a push for Google TV.

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OhDoctah Parody of the Old Spice Guy

Not sure how I missed this, but @OhDoctah (sometimes guest on TWiT did a great pardody of the Old Spice commercial.

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October 01, 2010
Exclusive First Look: RIM's Playbook Prototype*

Ha! Funny review of a hands on look at RIM's Playbook Prototype*. Important to note the '*' here though. :)

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Google Unveils WebP, New Image Format for the Web

Outside of the question of "is it needed", it'll be interesting to see what happens now that Google has Unveiled WebP, a New Image Format for the Web.

Google explains that of all the bytes transmitted through the intertubes today, 65% is made up of images and photos. In other words, if there's an area where you can save on bandwith - and thus, speed up the web - it's image optimisation. To that end, Google has unveiled WebP, an image format which makes use of the techniques from VP8 video intra frame coding. The container format is lightweight, and based and based on RIFF.

Doesn't most of the people on the web have dsl/cable already now anyway? Is this really needed?

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