May 06, 2011
Microsoft Wants Buyers To 'Do the Math'

Nifty new ad campaign from Microsoft where Microsoft wants buyers to 'do the math' and select a netbook over a MacBook Air.

[...]you'll see Microsoft's pairing of the 11" MacBook Air with three US$300-ish netbooks. While the price comparison is stark, the fact is that these netbooks are not even close to the MacBook Air where it counts, and to put them in the same category is silly at best and deliberately deceptive at worst.

As someone who was at an Apple store recently fondling lovingly checking out a MacBook air with a friend, the comparison of a MacBook air to a netbook is stupid. Of course, this is a company's ad campaign trying consumers to buy their products over someone else's products, so just like Apple will emphasize quality and user experience over HP/Dell/MS/etc, this isn't shocking. It's definitely interesting to see what's included and what's left out of all these ad campaigns, regardless of what "side" you're on.

Posted by Arcterex at May 06, 2011 11:44 AM