May 10, 2011
More Google Android News

My buddy cthulhu pointed me to a couple of interesting bits from the big Google keynote this morning.

First is news on

Ice Cream Sandwich, which is basically a "one OS to rule them all" upgrade that will run on handsets and tablets alike, and is there to put an end to the OS version fragmentation out there. Hopefully this will help with the bigger issue, which is the carriers.

Speaking of the carriers, the next bit of news is that Google and OEMs and carriers have agreed to provide timely updates to Android devices for up to 18 months after a new OS release. To me this addresses one of the biggest issues that Android has compared to the iPhone, and it's awesome to hear. Assuming of course they actually do it and don't start re-defining "timely" or "update" or "hardware compatible" of course.

If you're big into this stuff hit the live blog from Google I/O.

Update: Andy I has his liveblog as well, complete with the smarmyness we love.

Posted by Arcterex at May 10, 2011 11:00 AM