June 14, 2011
OpenPhoto Kickstart Project

Great to see that OpenPhoto has gotten their project up as a kickstarter project. Cool video with the founder, Jaisen Mathai, describing exactly what the service will be as well.

OpenPhoto works similarly to Flickr, Smugmug and other photo sharing services with one major difference: you retain ownership and give OpenPhoto access to use them. All photos, tags and comments are stored in your personal cloud accounts with companies like Amazon, Rackspace or Google. This means you can easily switch between OpenPhoto services, use more than one at a time or stop using them altogether while retaining all of your photos, tags and comments.

Doubleextrabonus - download the code and help out. However there's a tight timeline for the money they need to build the project, so share out the kickstarter link http://kck.st/jJex0k and help out by backing the project.

Posted by Arcterex at June 14, 2011 01:57 PM