September 23, 2011
Microsoft Attempt to Address Windows 8 'Linux Worries'

Microsoft Attempt to Address Windows 8 'Linux Worries':

But what Microsoft are not doing is asking OEMs to prevent Secure Boot being disabled by the user: -

"...such decisions are left to the OEM.  There may be good reasons why certain enterprises may not want PCs that can be configured in such a way, and there may be good reasons why an OEM or white box retailer may choose to allow that flexiblity (sic) for their customers.  It's all about choice and flexibility."

Interesting. Personally I think that throwing your hands up in the air and screaming about injustice is not the thing to do right, especially since (as I understand) this whole thing started with a Redhat employee wondering out loud if the new UEFI support in Windows8 could be used to lock out Linux. Also Windows 8 supports the new (modern, and built after 1981) BIOS standard, and if this is used to lock out other OSs it'll be done by OEMs, not Microsoft. Still to get the Windows 8 hardware certification OEMs do have to use this (as I understand it). I recommend listening to this week's Windows Weekly where Paul Thurrott addresses some of this (somewhere around the 28:22 minute mark).

Posted by Arcterex at September 23, 2011 01:59 PM