September 28, 2011
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Unveiled

Engadget has the scoop that the Amazon Kindle Fire has been revealed, and it's an Android-based, 7-inch display, $199 media consumption device.

The price is great, and based on the liveblog the prices for the whole lineup have changed:

10:53AM So, it's Fire for $199, Touch 3G for $149, Touch for $99, and Kindle for $79.

Definitely interesting, not the $99 for a sony touchpad though (now up to $499 bwahahah).

Anyway, hit the engadget link or hell, just open your browser, I'm sure the news will be all over. I estimate about 3 hours before a "full android on kindle fire" project is started and possibly finished for people not wanting to be restricted to the Amazon version of the OS.

Posted by Arcterex at September 28, 2011 09:51 AM