October 04, 2011
The 'Lets Talk iPhone' Event Today

First of all, iPhone in Canada has a good list of How To Follow Apple's Event, with links for live coverage and live blogs. Or if you don't care just wait and load any page on the internet in a few hours and I'm sure it'll seep through.

My predictions are similar to the ones on 512pixels.net (one of my new favorite blogs).

  • Apple will release a new phone
  • It'll have pretty cool stuff
  • Android people will hate it, and pan it as "I had that in my Galaxy 2S HDx7 3 months ago!" and that they can do that silly iCloud stuff with an rsync script running through their server and ssh'd into their phone
  • There will be new details that no one knew, possibly beyond the Assistant rumors
  • Something that has been "for sure" in the rumor blogs will not appear
  • Everyone will scream and cry that Apple is losing it's way because said rumored feature didn't appear
  • A simultaneous release of iTunes, iPhoto, iCloud, and iOS 5 will go mostly smoothly, and people will go "meh" regardless of the technical skill required to get all those bits working together
  • The Apple stock will drop immediately after launch as it always does, because the super-awesome neural interface with 3D brain control that the rumor sites worked themselves into a lather about didn't appear

Well, maybe a bit longer than 512pixels predictions... I'll update when the madness boils over, I know no one watches this site for up to the second news :)

Posted by Arcterex at October 04, 2011 08:07 AM