October 25, 2011
ISP Survivor - iPhone Userfriendly Game

So I had no clue this existed until I got what I almost deleted as spam this morning. JD and his gang has released ISP Survivor, a game for the iPhone and iPad.

Join Miranda, Pitr, Greg, Mike, Sid and AJ as they trundle around the board collecting their items. Pit yourself against the computer or play with your friends! From 1-6 players you'll have a devil of a time collecting these three measly little items! Watch out for Stef or you'll lose a turn! The ever lovable Dust Puppy will help you go faster and Mr. Cola will give you a boost too! Beat up other players for their booty with the Big Foam ClueBat or the Cheap Plastic LightSaber!

For $1.99 in the app store you really can't lose!

Posted by Arcterex at October 25, 2011 09:52 AM