November 08, 2011
Hands-On With the Apple Store EasyPay System

Hands-On With the Apple Store EasyPay System over at The Mac Observer. This is the next version of the Apple Store iPhone app (now available in Canada too!) which started as a pretty lame location aware sort of store app, but has now evolved to allow you to complete an entire purchase with only the iPhone app (though I think there must be some sort of monitoring to make sure people don't just go through the motions and walk out with stuff).

Product purchased, we looked around, feeling a little odd about having not worked with an employee, and then walked out of the store. Not a single employee nor the uniformed security door gave us a second look, despite the fact that we were walking out with an $200+ product under our arm.

Seems like now that apple has reduced the number of buttons on a laptop to 0 they can start reducing the need for pesky things like retail employees.

Posted by Arcterex at November 08, 2011 10:30 PM