February 28, 2011
Everything Is a Remix: Part 2

I linked to part 1 in September of last year, and finally a couple of weeks ago, I see that Vincent Laforet found Everything Is a Remix: Part 2.

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February 27, 2011

The good news for people tired of all the Apple news is that there's a GNOME 3 live CD to try out.

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Video of OS/X Lion Features

Sorry non-mac people, but I found more details of what's new in Lion, in video form. Some nice stuff there, not hugely different, but some bold changes nontheless.

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February 25, 2011
What we know about Mac OS X Lion

Ars runs down What we know about Mac OS X Lion with the latest bits of information from the developer preview that was posted yesterday.

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February 24, 2011
New MacBook Pros Released

Odd that something with a fair number of new things (outside of the CPU speed bump) was released fairly quietly. If you're a fanboy, hit the Apple MacBook Pro page for details on what's new. If not, continue to mutter about crazy people paying 4x what you can get the same hardware for from HP or Dell.

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February 23, 2011
Demo of Light Peak/Thunderbolt

Since the iPad 2 event has been announced for a week from now the rumors of new MacBooks with LightPeak (called "Thunderbolt" by Apple) being integrated. With this in mind, 9-5 Mac has pulled up a video with A good demonstration of Light Peak/Thunderbolt.

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Wordpress Version 3.1 Released

Cool, I just saw that Version 3.1 of WordPress has been released. My buddy Curtis has released a screencast highlighting a couple of the new features.

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The Windows Phone 7 Update

Whoah, sounds like Everything that could go wrong with Windows Phone 7 update does. Ars has the story.

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February 22, 2011
Tonight I'm Frakking You

Too awesome for words: Tonight I'm Frakking You. Thanks to Halkeye for sharing.

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February 21, 2011
Amazing Ford Mustang Amateur Movie

Very awesome independently created mini-movie about the Ford Mustang. Embedded below, but make sure you view HD and full size :)

Thanks to H for passing it on.

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February 20, 2011
RAGE Full Trailer

Gotta say, the RAGE Full Trailer looks awesome. More movie-trailer like than game-trailer like.

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February 18, 2011
The Art Of Flight - Trailer

I'm not sure if the The Art Of Flight Trailer on Devour.com is a photographer oriented trailer, adventure sports, or just a disguise for selling stuff from best buy, but wow, that looks strong epic. Definitely watch the high def version.

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Great "Then and Now" Photos

The collection is called Back to the Future, by photographer Irina Werning, and while I've seen a lot of great pics of people doing the same pose and clothing as a duplicate image from when they were a kid, these shots' attention to detail is amazing.

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February 17, 2011
'Thor' Trailer #2

'Thor' Trailer #2. I'll believe Aryk when he says "OMG."

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Why Can't Tablet Makers Just Freaking Ship?

Aryk send me this link: Why Can't Tablet Makers Just Freaking Ship?

My reply:
Arcterex: my answer (having not read the article) is that what apple did *was* pretty amazing and everything thinks they can throw android onto a slimline computer and call it a tablet for $300, but realize they can't, or if they can, it's seriously hobbled by batter/power/cost/memory/etc

There's also something to be said for the Apple way of not pre-announcing anything until it's ready to go, with price and release date set.

Good to read the article though too :)

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February 16, 2011
UFies Hardware Status

Ok, so I thought I was long past this "hey the server blew up" type posts, but...

Hey, the server blew up :(

About 11:30 last night it went down, and this morning myself and Fred went in early and fought with it but the thing wouldn't even POST. So we luckily have the current server, with a mirror backup from 2am the night before (the crash was inconsiderate enough to happen just before the nightly backup).

So the last day has been fixing what I can and getting services slowly up and running. Here's the status of various bits:

  • Apache is up and running, most sites seem to be up and running, with exceptions of course. Email me or tweet me at @arcterex or @ufies if you find things broken.
  • User logins and home directories are up and running (look for any files in your home dir not owned by you though, some uid/gids might be messed up)
  • Incoming mail - working
  • Outgoing mail (ie: sending mail from the ufies server out) not working, seems everything gets a "relay denied" error, and I have no idea why (still)
  • MySQL database is up and running. Check your tables for errors though.
  • FTP is running
  • DNS is running

It's been a hell of a day for me even with having a backup server and a full mirror of the original server ready to go on it, mostly due to that the new server is Ubuntu 10.04 not 8.10 (old server) so lots of little compatibility errors are cropping up.

My main concern now is the mail, and I hope to have it up tomorrow after at least a few hours sleep.

Keep an eye for things broken if you have services running on the server, and email me or tweet me at @arcterex or @ufies if you find something.

Thanks for your patience.

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February 14, 2011
Movable Type 5.1 Beta 1 Available

Good to see that the guys and gals at SixApart have spun out Movable Type 5.1 Beta 1:

The Movable Type 5.1 Beta 1 is now available to download and test. Today begins a 3-month period of beta releases and official quality assurance testing. We plan to release a new beta version every two weeks until the application is stable. Once stable, we will be creating release candidates. And we are hoping to offer a stable build by mid May.

Flip through the slideshow, looks like some exciting stuff is coming.

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Great Old School Pixel Video

Thanks to H for passing on this video entitled Pixels Old School. Pretty awesome.

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February 11, 2011
More Duke Nukem Forever News

Duke Nukem Forever news over at shacknews, including a balls of steel version with bust, poker chips, and various other bits of awesomeness. Not sure if it's $100 awesome though.

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IE9 RC Released

In what feels like a really quiet release, you can get IE9 RC over at Beauty of the Web. Not sure what's changed, but it's nice to see a release... and anything that pushes web standards and new technology like their GPU accelerated canvas stuff is a good thing. Great job IE team!

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Scobleizer On the Nokia/Microsoft Merger

Roberted has some good thoughts on the MS/Nokia merger, basically saying it's not that bad, and that since Nokia has the distribution and Microsoft has the good dev tools and OS (and having played with a WP7 a few times it's really pretty cool, though definitely not without it's flaws), and they'll compliment each other.

I mostly agree, though as even he notes, the smartphone world is now all about Apps, Apps, Apps, and Android and iPhone own that market right now. Guess we'll see what happens.

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CodeReddit - Reddit or Work?

My buddy H sent me to codereddit, and while I would never advocate redditing while at work (it's like stealing from the company), but if you enjoy a quick reddit break, reading this page will look, from a distance, a lot more like work than the normal "skin" on it.

Now they just need multiple language options, and perhaps a text to speech version as well...

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February 10, 2011
X-Men: First Class Trailer

Thanks Aryk for pointing me to the first trailer for X-Men: First Class. Other than the subtle "90210" vibe, I'm digging it.

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Google for Weddings

Google for Weddings is a site set up to show you how to use the various google tools for wedding planning. Not sure if this is more about using the existing tools, or a new set of tools using picasa/blogger/etc under the hood. Still, it'll help keep engaged nerds happy :)

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Duke Nukem Forever hands-on At Ars

Ars has a Duke Nukem Forever hands-on.

The truth has to be told, however: the game simply does not look very good.

Not all is doom and gloom if you read through the 2 pages though.

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February 09, 2011
Battlestar Galactica Open Beta Begins

Battlestar Galactica Open Beta Begins. How have I not heard about this before?!

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Duke Nukem Forever Preview

I can still say "I'll believe it when I play it", but there is now a Duke Nukem Forever Preview over on Shacknews. I'm wondering still if the game will be "in development for 14 years" good, or more likely, it will be as good as a game in development for 14 years can be...

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Google Translate Has a BeatBox Mode?

I have a feeling I'm the last one in the world to find this out, but according to GraphJam, you can use Google Translate for beatboxing. Try it by using their example, or hit this link (may or may not work depending on your location). The fact that they detect beatbox-like input and replace the "Listen" button with a "beatbox" one is pretty awesome.

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Palm Announcements Today

Found on Everything Pre about the Palm Countdown showing (currently) just over 3 hours until the future of WebOS to be revealed (noon PST).

This actually interests me way more than the latest batch of Android tablets. WebOS had a unique interface (definitely not me-too iPhone-like UI) and was sadly hobbled by horrible (IMHO) hardware and (as I understand) horrible carrier contracts. I'm intrigued to see what they do with this.

Also isn't this OS going on the "iPad Killer" that HP announced last year that was going to run Windows 7?

Update: Some news on the release, and the Live feed link from Engadget.

Update2: A few quick thoughts. They have the Veer (tiny smartphone) the Pre 3 (bigger, "business" phone) and the Touchpad. I'm not a fan of the slider keyboards, and I hope that the Pre 3 doesn't suffer from the horrible "feel" that I had from the original Pre. Also the 8/16G sizes are ok, but compared to the 16/32G on the iDevices... well, I like lots of media lets just say, but I know I'm not the norm.

Also for a company that claims to innovate, this shot looks really similar to something familiar.... Their "stacks" way of doing multitasking and showing running apps is pretty awesome though, as does the "Exhibition mode" the phone OS goes into when you put it down and the fact the tablet and phone work nicely together.

These are available summer/fall, and that's a long time. In theory the iPhone 4s or 5 and iPad 2 will be out by then, both with probably bumped specs and more refinement in the OS, meaning that while the new Palm/HP warez look good for now (maybe even a bit ahead if you look at the tablet having front/rear cameras), in 6 months when they actually see the light of day, they could be fairly behind the Apple/Android leaders of the pack.

However it's great to have a 3rd (or 4th if you count Windows Phone 7) horse in the smartphone/tablet race.

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Flash 10.2 Released... Big CPU Use Improvement

Looks like Flash 10.2 (in beta for a while) has been released and is ready for the masses. As 9-to-5 Mac notes, they've made monster improvements in CPU usage, which is great. It's not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than it was before :)

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February 08, 2011
VW Darth Vader Commercial Deleted Scenes and Bloopers

That cute VW commercial from the other day with the mini Darth Vader has the deleted scenes and bloopers video released.

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February 07, 2011
Geeks on Superbowl Sunday

For the geeks out there feeling out of place on Sunday when there was some sort of game or something on, don't worry, you are not alone.

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Rants About Software Chrome

3quarksdaily has a nice long look at software "chrome" (not the browser as they point out several times) and why obsession on making digital analogs to physical objects really really sucks.

This is the iBooks app. Notice how lovingly the designers have made it look like you are in the middle of reading a physical book by drawing a little pseudo-3D evocation, down each vertical side, of the pages you have read and the pages you have still to read. What do you think this looks like when you are on page 2 of a book, or 2 pages from the end? I'll tell you what it looks like: exactly the same.
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February 06, 2011
Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer

Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer. In a word. Wow.

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February 05, 2011
Removing All Visual Advertising From Times Square

No Ad: New York, a cool crowdsourcing idea to remove the visual clutter from Times Square.

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February 04, 2011
RubyMine 3.1 Beta

The JetBrains RubyMine Blog lets us know that the Ruby and Ruby on Rails IDE Rubymine has hit 3.1 beta, including GitHub integration.

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Battlefield 3 Coming Fall 2011

I'm very happy to see that there's a Battlefield 3 trailer (not any actual content sadly). I'm a huge fan of Battlefield 2 (still play it occasionally) and am pretty excited to see what they do for BF3 (as long as it's not a lame console -> PC port like most of the PC games are these days).

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Greenpois0n Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2.1

Cool to see that the latest Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2.1 is out, and iPhoneInCanada has step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Note that this won't carrier unlock your phone, just jailbreak it so you can install non-apple sanctioned apps and utilities on it.

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February 03, 2011
Canada reverses metered Internet decision

Sorry about that! Canada reverses metered Internet decision.


Thanks Aryk for the link.

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Growing is Forever (Video)

Here's a video two-fer for you, via Gruber at DaringFireball this time, check out Growing is Forever. Makes me want to get into film making to be honest.

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Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

I'm sure everyone's seen the new The Force VW commercial, but if you haven't, it's good, and embedded below

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February 01, 2011
The New Readability

Shawn Blanc talks about The New Readability and the interesting new plan they have. Essentially they created a pay version of their excellent Readability bookmark and a part of the proceeds from that goes to the sites that you use it on (if the site is registered that is.... UFies is btw). It also adds a ReadItLater-like system to save pages to a queue for later reading.

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Thomas Hawk On Mozy Dropping Unlimited Backup Plan

(In?)Famous photographer Thomas Hawk has put up his response to Mozy Dropping Their Unlimited $4.95/Month Backup Plan. $4.95 is a good price to backup unlimited data from your local computer (no NAS or SAN attachments, local disks only), and it seems that Mozy has realized they can charge more and are dropping the plan, without grandfathering those who are in it in for longer than March 2011.

Mozy's new prices are 50G at $5.99/month for 1 computer, or 125G for $10/month for 3 computers. Not bad in the grand scheme of things, but for photographers who shoot RAW..... well, lets just say with the $10/month plan I can back up 2009 and 2010 of my archives, or years 2003 to 2007, but not all my archives (314G) much less those plus my actual computer files.

Thomas links to more details over at CNET, and recommends BackBlaze as an alternate (who is giving a 10% discount to Mozy refugees) at $5/month. I've also heard all about Carbonite through the tons of advertising on TWiT, and they also offer a similar unlimited plan for $54/year ($4.50/month).

Hopefully the other online backup places won't follow suit. Personally I recommend flocking from Mozy to someplace that provides an all you can eat backup solution to show them that this is a service that people want, and are willing to pay for, not be nickled and dimed in a day and age where Terabyte drives are the norm.

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Boilerplate HTML5 Starting Point

MezzoBlue links to a nice HTML 5 Boilerplate page that will give you a nice start when you're looking at a starting point for your next HTML5 project.

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Gnome-Shell Live CD

Good news if you want to check out the latest goodies that are coming out in the GNOME world.... Gnome-Shell gets a Live CD, so you can safely try what will be coming out in the not-so-far future in Linux GNOME based distros.

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Google Says Bing Is Cheating, Copying Results

Interesting look at Google saying Bing Is Cheating, Copying their Search Results. Not so interesting from the fact that search engines use each other for results, but more from how Google did their "sting" to determine it.

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