July 29, 2011
Cool Use of On Camera Flash

Strobist points to a pretty cool use of a "few" cameras with on camera flash. Just a few mind you.

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Final Scene Of 'Captain America: The First Avenger' With 'Avengers' Teaser

It's really short, but the Final Scene Of 'Captain America: The First Avenger' With 'Avengers' Teaser is required watching for geeky people everywhere.

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July 28, 2011
Microsoft's Anti-Gmail Video

Created obviously to get plays at it's ridiculousness.... Microsoft's latest Google-compete weapon: The Gmail man via daring fireball.

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July 27, 2011
Spock Is Not Impressed

Spock Is Not Impressed. Presented without comment.

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First Trailer For Peter Berg's 'Battleship'

Ok so I didn't realize this was the "battleship the game made as a movie" movie called Battleship, but I have to admit that it looks pretty friggin' awesome. Check the First Trailer For Peter Berg's 'Battleship' at Geeks of Doom.

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July 26, 2011
Picture of Quasar Contains Largest Water Reservoir In The Universe

Well, an artists rendering anyway of the Largest Water Reservoir In The Universe.

Astronomers have discovered a reservoir containing 140 trillion times the amount of water in all the Earth's oceans, making it the largest mass of water ever detected in the universe.
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Windows Live Photo Gallery now supports raw format

Aryk passed on that now Microsoft Live Photo Gallery now supports raw format, so you photogs who don't have a raw processor, or just want to view your RAW files from the explorer, will be able to. Bonus: it works for 64bit as well (previously not available for free without going to a 3rd party codec pack). Good stuff!

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What CAN'T you do in the Apple Store?

Mark Malkoff finds out What CAN'T you do in the Apple Store?

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Spatial Awareness and Set Design in The Shining

Cool video of where there are some pretty big spacial awareness errors in the movie The Shining.

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This is Why Your Newspaper is Dying

Great cartoon on Why Your Newspaper is Dying.

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July 25, 2011
Top Gear: On Making The Show

Via Aryk - Top Gear: the motoring show in quotes (by the producer).

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Diary of a TouchPad Owner

Shawn Blanc has the Diary of a TouchPad Owner, all about buying and setting up the new webOS machine.

9:58 AM: I drive in to the Best Buy parking lot, and there is no line. As I am parking I see a manager walk out of the store and wave his arms in the air with a "come on in" motion. About a dozen folks all get out of their cars and begin walking toward the door. I think to myself how amazing it is that all these people are here for the TouchPad. Though once we all got into the store, only two of us were looking for TouchPads.

It's not all sarcastic, it's actually a decent look at the new iPad competitor.

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July 22, 2011
Linus Torvalds announces stable release of Linux kernel 3.0

Sadly even though it's a big new number, as Linus Torvalds announced this is a release that's just about getting to that 3.0 number.

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July 21, 2011
'The Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser Trailer

Geeks of Doom pointed me to the First Look: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser Trailer. Interesting reboot for sure.

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‪Deus Ex Live Action Trailer‬‏

Holy crap.... ‪Deus Ex Live Action Trailer‬‏.

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July 20, 2011
‪Standing Your Ground‬‏ As A Photographer

Great video called‪Stand Your Ground‬‏ about a group of photographers on the streets of London who had the audacity to question the security firms and rent-a-cops asking them to stop shooting photographs and video when filming on the streets. Interesting results.

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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: the Ars Technica review

Ars has their massive Mac OS X 10.7 Lion review up, in case you hadn't heard that Apple released the latest version of their OS this morning. I did the upgrade and it went very boringly, it just worked. Haven't had a chance to dig in too far yet, but I'm sure if you care enough about this stuff you'll be prepared to see what may or may not work for you by the time you're at the upgrade point.

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July 19, 2011
Mac OS X Lion launches July 20

Macheads rejoice, you can give Mr. Jobs more money tomorrow as Mac OS X Lion launches July 20.

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Minecraft Cruise Ship

All I can say is Oh. My. God..

Via this reddit thread. I think the only caveat is that the builder didn't build it "by hand" (or at least didn't mine all the materials).

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‪X-MEN BORN THIS WAY (Lady Gaga Parody)‬‏

Thanks to my buddy Gavin for pasing on this great Lady Gaga parody (no, not turning into a gagablog I promise!): ‪X-MEN BORN THIS WAY.

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Robot Mouth is Freaky

When Forever Geek says that this Robot Mouth is the Freakiest Thing You'll See Today he's not kidding. Cool to see how your throat works, but geez, some things are supposed to be a mystery.

The bigger question is how long till someone uses this for.... "other" purposes....

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VirtualBox 4.1 Released

New bits in the VirtualBox 4.1 Release include a nice integrated 'clone VM' option.

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Lady Gaga's solo piano performance of "The Edge Of Glory" on Howard Stern Show‬‏

I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan, but I'm a huge Howard Stern fan, and her ‪solo piano performance of "The Edge Of Glory" on yesterday's show was fantastic.

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July 18, 2011
The Dark Knight Rises - Teaser Trailer

Sadly not a lot of actual footage, but it is a Dark Knight Rises - Teaser Trailer, so don't complain. Can't wait for this one!

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July 15, 2011
Ruby Creator Matz joins Heroku

Cool news for the Ruby community.... Matz, creator of the language has joined Heroku (wonder if that's what they did with their big payday?). Potentially very cool stuff, congrats to Matz and the ruby community (and especially Heroku).

Matz is going to be the Chief Architect. Here's a press release for you.

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2 Trailers - John Carter and The Thing

Double-dose from Geeks of doom! First up is the First Trailer For Disney's 'John Carter' (based on "A Princess of Mars") and second is The Thing.

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Pics From The New Spider-Man Movie

Forever Geek has shots from Entertainment Weeklys story on the New Spider-Man movie. Glad they are going back to the mechanical webshooters.

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Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer

Have to give credit where credit is due..... The first trailer I saw for A Game of Shadows (Sherlock Holmes 2) was over at forgetfoo.com.

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How Commercial Airplanes SHOULD Be Laid Out @ The Oatmeal

Another awesome comic from The Oatmeal on How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out. Props for the child kennel area.

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July 14, 2011
What G+ is really About

Posted by James a buddy from the FV.rb ruby group, a nice look at What G+ is really about and how it relates to facebook, twitter, social, and the cloud, and who should or shouldn't be worried about it.

BTW, email me your email if you want an invite, seems they are flowing out now.

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July 13, 2011
Babes of the '80s: Then and Now

Time has a gallery of Babes of the '80s: Then and Now. Interesting to see who has and hasn't aged since they were the hot babes of the movies of my youth.

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CentOS 6 Released

CentOS 6 Released. About says it all dontcha think? :)

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July 12, 2011
Steve Lambert's 404 Page

Darren pointed me to what is quite possibly the most awesome 404 page on the net, and also the most awkward.

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Blu-ray Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition

Waiting for the extended version of the blu-ray to re-buy the Lord of the Rings trilogy again? Check out the Blu-ray Review over at Geeks of Doom to see how awesome it is or isn't.

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Great Quote on "PC vs. Mac"

I think that this comment is pretty much the end of discussion on the "PC vs. Mac" "war".

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July 11, 2011
Space Shuttle Discovery 360 View of Cockpit

Super cool VR view of the Space Shuttle Discovery cockpit.

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July 08, 2011
Behind the Scenes of Plot Device

If you liked the "Plot Device" movie posted a couple of days ago, you should check out the Behind the Scenes video. Sure it's a big ad for the magic bullet software, but it's still pretty cool to see how they did things.

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Thunderbird Conversations now stable

The Thunderbird Conversations plugin is now stable. If you have the latest Mozilla Thunderbird email client (5.0) you will want to check this one out. Brings gmail-like conversation threads to thunderbird.

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July 07, 2011
Plot Device Short Movie

Via twitter found the movie Plot Device on Vimeo. Pretty awesome and inventive storytelling!

(PS: Make sure you stay for after the credits!)

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Shawn Blanc Reviews The HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad 1.0 over at Shawn Blanc's site is a great look at the new tablet from the hardware and software perspective.

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July 06, 2011
Bill Bailey Sends A Message To Metallica

Pretty awesome display of musical prowess as UK comedian Bill Bailey Sends A Message To Metallica:

British comedian and multi-instrumentalist Bill Bailey has posted a video online in which he demonstrates why he and his band are more than ready to take Metallica's place at this weekend's edition of the Sonisphere Festival in the United Kingdom.
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July 05, 2011
Thomas Hawk Compares Photo Sharing

Thomas Hawk does a cool Google+ vs. Flickr vs. Facebook vs. 500px vs. Twitter comparison.

I will try to compare, the best I can, the attention that the same photograph received from each of these sites over the course of 24 hours. If as a photographer you are looking at photo sharing sites, in part, as a way to promote your work to a wider audience, the engagement your photographs receive online may be of interest. This case is very specific and of course everyone's circumstances will differ, but this is my experience.
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How the Dukes of Hazzard Ripped off Star Wars

A compelling argument on How the Duke Boys ripped off George Lucas.

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The History of the Space Shuttle

Fantastic photo-essay on The History of the Space Shuttle by Alan Taylor at The Big Picture. Via Shawn Blanc.

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July 04, 2011
WordPress 3.2 now available

Interesting, some neat changes in the brand new WordPress 3.2 that is now available. A new default theme, a distraction free writing environment, big speed updates, etc. Congrats to the WP team for this release!

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Awesome Star Wars Guitar

Saw a great pic on reddit of this great Millenium Falcon guitar. Epic.

BTW, happy Fourth of July to all my American readers! Make sure you celebrate by blowing lots of stuff up ok? :)

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July 03, 2011
The Sound of Tau: The first 126 digits in musical form

Turns out that numbers make beautiful music. Someone used some simple rules to turn the numbers of Tau into music.

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Doctor Who Companion Infographic

Geeks of Doom has a cool and Epic 'Doctor Who' Infographic Showing the History Of The Companions.

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