January 05, 2012
Evernote, Company of the Year Article at Inc.com

Great profile of the awesome company Evernote in Inc Magazine for their Company of the Year. If you know evernote you probably love it, if you don't run out and get this app and start using it now. Seriously, it's awesome, cross platform, and their podcast is hilarious. The article has some nice detail about how the company almost died, what they do, and a nice look at the team and tech behind it all.

[...] Today, the company is swimming in tens of millions of dollars in cash from both VCs and profits. Evernote is buying companies, tripling in size each year, and drawing 40,000 new users a day. If you live in Silicon Valley or Tokyo, where Evernote has reached cult status, none of this probably surprises you. Otherwise, you must be wondering: What the hell is Evernote?

Via the Evernote blog.

Posted by Arcterex at January 05, 2012 03:39 PM