February 15, 2012
Wunderkit is Free, Forever

Answering some of the concerns about the initial pricing of the new Wunderkit productivity software, 6Wunderkinder has responded and said that Wunderkit is now free, forever.

So as of today Wunderkit is, and always will be, completely free for everybody on the planet. […] Everything that you have right now, from the built in apps to the amount of workspaces and members you have in each, will cost you nothing. You’ll be able to create an infinite amount of workspaces, invite an infinite amount of people to them, and have an infinite amount of fun in the process.

It won’t all be free, the company has to make some money to support themselves of course, and the new ‘Files’ app that is coming out soon will cost $4.99/month, plus there are a few benefits of going pro.

I love the Wunderlist and am really getting into Wunderkit, and am continually impressed that this high quality, cross platform app is available for free. Huge kudos to the 6Wunderkinder team!

Posted by Arcterex at February 15, 2012 10:44 AM