March 02, 2012
9 Flavors of Windows 8  

The count of 9 Flavors of Windows 8 has been rumoured, or at least found through registry keys.

Windows 8 will be available in nine separate editions. That’s up three flavors from Windows 7. The unofficial news comes from a registry key found within the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If this key is to be believed, Windows 8 will be available in the six editions of Windows 7 with the addition of Windows 8 Professional Plus, Enterprise Evaluation, and ARM edition. That makes nine Windows 8 versions in all — seven more editions than Apple’s OS X.

Seriously 9? I realize that some of those versions aren’t actually sold, but with their “no compromises” philosophy in Windows 8 that that would include not having 9 different versions of the product.

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Posted by Arcterex at March 02, 2012 01:14 PM