March 27, 2012
Amazing Complete Face Transplant Completed

The Most extensive full face transplant to date has been completed after a marathon 36 hour surgery.

The face transplant recipient, 37-year-old Richard Lee Norris of Hillsville, Virginia, was injured in 1997 in a gun accident. Since that time, he has undergone multiple life-saving and reconstructive surgeries. Due to the accident, Mr. Norris lost his lips and nose and had limited movement of his mouth. Mr. Norris first came to the University of Maryland Medical Center in 2005 to discuss reconstructive options with Dr. Rodriguez.

Wow, looking at the before and after images (slightly disturbing) show what an amazing age of medicine we live in today.

Via this reddit thread.

Posted by Arcterex at March 27, 2012 03:29 PM