April 04, 2012
5 problems with Ubuntu 12.04

5 problems with Ubuntu 12.04 part 1 goes into a bunch of potential issues with the new “Unity Dash” when confronted by “normal” people.

What Wendy Windows sees next is an entirely blank window overlay with a search bar at the top. And nothing else. At first glance she doesn’t see the Lens icons at the bottom of the window at all, but even if she did would she recognise which represents applications? Should she take her chances she would eventually be met by a list of applications, but it needs to be expanded and cycled through before she’ll get the result she’s looking for.

It’s a nice article that (in my opinion) goes into some of the issues that will hold Linux back from mass adoption when they try to be too cute with the new UI, and how sometimes the tried and true old start menu or mac doc are the Right Choice(tm). Definitely be interesting to see what happens with the new Ubuntu release.

Posted by Arcterex at April 04, 2012 10:09 AM