April 16, 2012
FoxTrot for iPad

Bill Amend, author of Foxtrot is doing a self-published book for the iPad. FoxTrot for iPad is now available in three different “pad packs”. Updated for native iPad retina display resolution, with Kindle/Nook/Android coming soon.

I’m calling them FoxTrot Pad Packs, because I like the metaphor of collectable cards and how you build up your collection via booster packs. I made them myself using Apple’s free iBooks Author software. Each $1.99 book contains 100 strips, some old, some new, some story lines, some stand-alone jokes, some black and white dailies, some color Sundays. The idea is to create mini books that take maybe 20-30 minutes to read and which aren’t bogged down with a ton of outdated references, as happens with my older, chronologically arranged print books. Plus, they’re short enough that I can put together a fun themed book like the geeky #3.14. They’re at native resolution for the new iPad with its Retina display, but look awesome on older iPads as well. The navigation is super smooth and you can scroll through thumbnails and bookmark favorites if you like. And you can pinch zoom for extra detail if you want. I’m really, really happy with how well they turned out.

At $1.99 each you can get all three for the price of a Starbucks Mocha, a good deal if I ever heard one!

Posted by Arcterex at April 16, 2012 02:43 PM