May 16, 2012
Arrest made after woman with cerebral palsy robbed of her iPad

The story is that some scum sucking dirtbags who deserve more than a few swift kicks to the nuts stole the iPad of woman with cerebral palsy. The happy follow up is that not only is one of them under arrest, but also Vancouver is full of awesome people looking to help after seeing the story.

Then someone showed up at our Burnaby studios and dropped off $450 in cash - no questions asked. They did not wait around to identify themselves. A short time later they came back with another $50, fearing the original $450 would not be enough.

In yet another twist to the story, the same person came back again, this time with a brand new iPad and case. However, when reporter Aaron Mcarthur went to give Cassie her new iPad, she had already received one.

CBC also has a take on the story, with more details. Careful watching the second video though, it may cause you to roll a tear (a big manly tear in my case, least anyone wonder) or two.

Did I mention fuck the scumbag cowards who did this? If not, I will again.

Posted by Arcterex at May 16, 2012 02:16 PM