May 28, 2012
Looking At Windows 8 At MacWorld

An interesting look at Windows 8 from Macworld, talking about some of the ups and downs of the new OS.

But running Windows 8, it often seems that what’s been compromised is your sanity. Metro tiles seem analogous to app icons in iOS, but unlike iOS, there’s no persistence with the tile scrolling. Launch an application in iOS and close it and where are you? Right where you were. Launch an application in Windows 8 and close it and where will you be? Well, it depends on the application. If it’s a Metro-enabled app, you’ll be back in Metro, but at the first set of tiles because it operates like a menu. If it’s a traditional Windows application you just closed, you’ll be in the traditional Windows desktop.

Of course, being “macworld” they are completely crazy mac fanboys who don’t like anything that’s not from the hallowed halls of Cupertino right?

Which is good, right? Because it turns out it really was the Windows interface we didn’t like. We’re not just irrational Microsoft haters under the thrall of Cupertino’s Reality Distortion Field. Man, that’s a load off us, isn’t it?

Regardless, it’s a moderately fair and balanced look at Windows 8 and some of what might be good or bad in it.

Posted by Arcterex at May 28, 2012 11:24 AM