June 13, 2012
Meetup.com Contest To Send A User To Any Meetup Anywhere

Saw this morning on the Meetup HQ Blog that for their 10th anniversary they’ll send a winner to any meetup anywhere, which I have to admit, is pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to attend the Atlantis Photo meetup or the Martian Capital City Rails meetup?

Just RSVP and attend a local MeetupĀ happening between now and July 15th, and you are automatically entered to win. We’ll cover the cost of the winner’s hotel and airfare up to $5,000. You can enter up to five times by going to five different Meetups — but of course, you have to RSVP and attend the Meetups to win. Get all the rules below.

You can see the full details on their blog post. Lucky for me I’ve got a weekly Fraser Valley Ruby on Rails meetup, so I’m set :)

Posted by Arcterex at June 13, 2012 08:59 AM