July 12, 2012
Photosmith v2.1 Updated and Delayed

I’ve written about Photosmith before as the program that I’ve wanted to build myself ever since I discovered Lightroom and a smartphone. Now PhotoSmith version 2.1 is released promising to fix pretty much all of my complaints about the program when I initially purchased it. Better use of previews, more stable syncing of large collections, and tons more.

Sadly you can’t (currently) get the version 2.1 update due to some release issues that were found right after it went live, and I know that the photosmith team is working hard to determine where the errors are coming from and fixing them ASAP. Ping them over at @photosmithapp with some words of encouragement.

Here’s the official changelog:


  • Added Pick & Reject flag sync with Lightroom v4 or higher (LR 3.x cannot sync flags)
  • Added Filtering by Flag
  • Added display dimming during long syncs to save battery power
  • Added support for emoji characters in metadata presets
  • Added support for grid sorting based on subsecond capture times
  • Improved handling of iPad sleep mode during sync
  • Improved display speed of large keyword sets

Top bug fixes:

  • Fixed rotation problem with certain images displayed stretched
  • Fixed EXIF date/time parsing for many file types
  • Fixed bug where sync would stop unexpectedly for large datasets
  • Better handling of Facebook sessions when flipping between tabs
  • Fixed formatting of user names for Flickr
  • Increased Flickr upload timeout to allow for large uploads without timeouts
  • Fixed occurrence of "null-null" display in Grid group headers
  • Fixed hangs & crashes when purging offline photos
  • Fixed color label order in QuickTag bar and sorting to match Lightroom's order


  • Added ability to use LR cached previews during sync, speeding up sync
  • Added checking and notification of sqlite and exiftool executables needed for preview
  • Added support for searching for filenames by image sequence number (needed for jpg proxy workflow)
  • Added advanced sync conflict detection
  • Added write permissions check for remote updates
  • Added additional networking retries to help re-establish sync communications
  • Added keepalive thread to better handle large sync operations
  • Re-enabled matching by file date/time with the 2.1 version of the app
  • Text/formatting updates to Plugin Manager screen

Posted by Arcterex at July 12, 2012 12:29 PM