July 26, 2012
Sysadmin Appreciation Day, Tomorrow, July 27, 2012

My buddy Khensu pointed out that tomorrow is Sysadmin Day! While I joked that sysadmins consider the normal day to day abuse as love, seriously, take a second to appreciate that without the neckbeard you keep in the basement you wouldn’t be able to:

  • Play your silly clicky games on facebook
  • Download your porn
  • Surf reddit all day instead of doing your real work
  • Do the research you need and get answers to the questions you need answered when you are doing real work
  • Get on the internet at all
  • Not have your computer full of viruses and adware because you love clicking on every attachment that comes into your inbox
  • Restore your files when you answer “yes” to “delete this really important file” and then “yes” to “are you really really sure you can’t undo this”
  • Remove 17 or the 18 extra toolbars installed in your IE
  • Not cry (out loud) when you insist that you have to keep using IE

So don’t hug them, we don’t like human contact, but a bit of love for your resident sysadmin is always appreciated!

Here are some other links to all things Sysadmin Day.

Sometimes appreciation could be a donation to help keep the servers running, say, by paypalling with the link to the right to the guy running this server, alan@ufies.org…

Posted by Arcterex at July 26, 2012 10:47 AM