July 31, 2012
A Great View of Recent Linux and GNOME Development

Alex Cabal has a great post Dear Gnome devs: Please stop trashing Gnome! talking about some of the recent issues with GNOME and the Linux desktop environment. I personally picked out the personal entreaty to the gnome developers

Simplicity is not the same as slashing-and-burning features that you personally never use. I know that 37signal’s web 3.0 siren song of “simple and beautiful” is tempting, but it’s done more damage than good: Developers get sucked in to this “people only understand simple” fantasy world and forget that they’re developers, not designers, and not only that but in this case they don’t even represent their own target market.

I think that the ‘perfect is the enemy of good’ quote is appropriate here as well, and that while I love Linux, it’s time to face certain realities and start aiming at

Posted by Arcterex at July 31, 2012 11:10 AM