August 03, 2012
Linux Complaints About Microsoft Secure Boot

Listened this morning to the excellent Linux Outlaws podcast #271 where there was a lot of talk about the Linux community’s handwringing about Microsoft’s Secure Boot from both Canonical and Fedora, and a lot of it really sounds to me like this:

Linux: Microsoft security sucks, why don’t they do something about it, stupid Microsoft anyone can get a boot sector virus running Windows!

Microsoft: Ok, we’ve improved our security and have implemented very secure code signing for our hardware to specifically prevent any sort of boot sector viruses from getting in because you can’t run arbitrary code on boot.

Linux: Waaaaaaahhhhhh! Stupid Microsoft makes it impossible to boot our arbitrary code and it’s too secure so we can’t install other Operating Systems on the hardware!

Microsoft: sigh

(Sorry, I’m in a bit of a ranty mood this morning).

Posted by Arcterex at August 03, 2012 10:25 AM