August 08, 2012
The Samsung 2010 Report: Make Galaxy More Like the iPhone

AllThingsD’s post about how an internal document from Samsung in 2010 basically says that to make the Galaxy S1 better, make it more like the iPhone. Pretty damning evidence, but I don’t want to talk about patents or these ridiculous (and wasteful) court cases. For me what’s more interesting (and I’m sorry for the non-Apple fanboys in the audience) is the differences in the software UI. Apple is lauded as having great user interfaces (well, by some anyway), and many who look at the Mac and iOS UIs and say either “meh” or “well duh, that’s obvious [that you would have it that way]”.

For me what’s cool is looking through the document and seeing the points where Apple got it right and others (in this case, Samsung) didn’t. The little things that the “Apple people” like and others ignore, such as (page 31) on the iPhone where the numbers font size is reduced to show more in the field as more numbers are typed, or (page 62) that the web browser on the iPhone disables the add bookmark button when the page isn’t loaded.

Little tiny details, maybe inconsequential to those who value software freedom, but a really interesting look at the “little details” that Apple is so proud of. Also the fact that pretty much every suggestion is “make this more like how Apple does it” has to mean something.

You can read the full document here or view the embed below:


Posted by Arcterex at August 08, 2012 12:49 PM