August 10, 2012
DSBL EMail Blacklist Offline

No email for the last few hours? The fact that that is offline might have something to do with it. The issue started around 3pm PST thursday and (as far as I can tell) any mail sent to servers using this blacklist would have been bounced (not delayed) :(

As an aside, I use(d) this on UFies, so if you have a mail account here, this is why you haven’t gotten email from last night :( Sorry folks.

Apparently the server has been unloved and closed for years now, and they finally got tired of still getting requests and made it reject all mail so that lazy sysadmins (ie: yours truly) would actually do something about it. sigh

So what’s the canonical list of good RBLs? Or does everyone just use gmail or some other hosted service?

Posted by Arcterex at August 10, 2012 07:46 AM