August 31, 2012
Video Demo of What a 4" iPhone Screen Would Looks Like in Action

Amidst the fever of rumors and leaks for the (rumored) upcoming iPhone 5 with a larger screen, here’s a great Video Demo of What a 4” iPhone Screen Looks Like in Action.

Remembering of course that Apple has said absolutely nothing about anything, and the “confirmed” rumors of the “confirmed” event in a couple of weeks and the “confirmed” parts leaks letting everyone put together what a “confirmed” iPhone 5 will look like and then create videos like the one linked to above of what a “confirmed” 4” iPhone 5 screen will work like…. well, it’s all guessing.

Interesting to note that a lot of time in the (albeit short) video above is for gaming and videos, and doesn’t really show normal apps running in landscape orientation.

Posted by Arcterex at August 31, 2012 09:33 AM