September 10, 2012
From Linux to OSX - 1 Year Later

Neat write up from a guy who went from a Linux desktop to OS/X, his From Linux to OSX - 1 Year Later blog.

Am I happier now without Linux? Definitely! Is OSX a better OS than Linux? Absolutely not! It does have a much better desktop experience and since I spend most of the time on a computer interacting with the desktop - that’s a big win for me. Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing Linux achieve this level of desktop maturity and stability.

I have to mostly agree with what he’s found, the good, bad and ugly mostly mirror my own experiences (though I continue to use both Linux and OS/X as my daily work and home desktops respectively), with the exception that I use Vim, the One True Editor, and don’t care about the missing right control key at all :)

Interesting to go through the comments on both the site and the OSNews story to see some of the differing views, as well as their level of, well, aggressiveness (why is it when someone who is not an Apple fan hears any story about someone liking Apple they are convinced that the review can in no way be objective and the person is either a shill, or that any complaints you had about whatever it is that isn’t Apple in the comparison are in fact your fault or “they work fine for me therefore you are wrong”. I suppose this isn’t Apple specific, but more than a few of the comments that aren’t reasonable discourse seem to go in this direction. The level of passive-aggressive insults in the comments are pretty high in some places too, for example this from “ix” in response to his assertions that the hardware support and coupling of Mac hardware and software results in some superior aspects such as power management:

” I think that Macs are good for people who don’t want to tinker with their PC & OS and who don’t mind throwing money away, I think I could buy two normal laptops with the same specs for the price of one Macbook. Plus, I don’t think Macs are good for games.”

Posted by Arcterex at September 10, 2012 03:06 PM