September 13, 2012
On the iPhone 5 naysayers and Tech Nerditry

Good stuff from Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop: Forget iPhone 5 naysayers, this thing is big. The points in his writeup and the linked article make the point that was clearly made on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel… normal people have no clue about technology. They don’t care about a company being open or closed, or if the processor in the latest Samsung is 2x or 10x or .5x as fast or slow as the latest iPhone, or BlackBerry, or HTC, much less the finer points of online religious wars that we in the echo chamber get into heated shouting matches about. They don’t care and they’re going to buy what they are going to buy, and chances are that’ll be a lot of iPhone 5s, no matter how much of a “disappointment” it is to the tech elite.

Another good point was made on reddit in this thread regarding the design changes (or lack thereof) in the iPhone 5.

attention detractors:

this is how you build an iconic brand

remember that the next time you’re comparison shopping between Sony Ericsson Amaze Touch Pros, Motorola Bionic Slide G2 IIs, and Samsung Charge Black G2 2 3Ds

You know what a say, Porsche 911 looks like because it’s look has hardly changed since 1963, or rather it has, but very very slowly. This goes back to the “trade dress” lawsuit against Samsung… Apple is trying to create (or rather, keep) their iconic look of (yes) a black rectangle with rounded corners along with a lot of other combined look and feel attributes, because they know that if they have the iconic “iPhone look” that’s the lasting brand that they are creating. They seem to have settled on the iPhone 4-esque “metal band” look and are tweaking it.

So when the iPhone 5S or 6 comes out and it’s not a completely new look, stop your bitching :)

Posted by Arcterex at September 13, 2012 11:45 AM