September 25, 2012
Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 11

Saw this morning that Adobe announced Photoshop Elements 11 and Premier Elements 11:

With this latest release, Adobe’s Photoshop Elements team has concentrated primarily on improving workflow and the user experience rather than adding a long list of features and effects. Addressing long-standing complaints of hard-to-read text on a dark UI of previous iterations, this new version uses a light gray background and larger type, along with a decidedly app-like icon-based interface to present novice users with only the tools they are likely to use. All of the functionality of Elements 10 remains for more seasoned users, however, and new lens blur filters (from Photoshop CS) and simulated drawing effects are found in Elements 11 as well. As with the previous version of Elements, you have access to the Adobe Camera Raw processing engine with Basic, Detail and Camera Calibration tabs for a wide range of editing options for Raw files.

Posted by Arcterex at September 25, 2012 09:41 AM