September 26, 2012
Megabox Music Download (maybe) Service Teased by Kim Dotcom

TorrentFreak has the story about Megabox, teased by Kim Dotcom. It seems to be a new music sharing / production / something service with the goal of kicking the asses of the old school music industry.

Kim Dotcom is determined to put the major music labels out of business with Megabox. At the same time he promises to give artists full control over their own work and a healthy revenue stream. Today Dotcom released a video on the making of Megabox which unveils some of the service’s features. The video also shows “The Black Keys,” “Rusko,” “Two Fingers” and “” as exclusive artists.

From the video it definitely looks very cool, I can’t wait to see what results!

Posted by Arcterex at September 26, 2012 11:00 AM