October 29, 2012
Marco Visits the Microsoft Store

My internet pal Marco went and visited An alternate universe called The Microsoft Store and got to play with a Surface RT and some MS salespeople. Not all went as planned.

I gave up. It was like arguing with a Tea Partier. But I figured, now that I had broken character a little, I’d risk a bit more. […]

Realistically, fanboy or not this is the point of view of an Apple Person looking at competing tablets, I’m sure that a similar review could be written by a Microsoft Person in an Apple Store. Marco’s a good writer though, and does well to identify some good points about the Surface, and MS’s approach to the tablet market in general.

Apple’s products say, “You can’t do that because we think it would suck.” Microsoft’s products say, “We’ll let you try to do anything on anything if you really want to, even if it sucks.”

Posted by Arcterex at October 29, 2012 03:52 PM