November 05, 2012
Windows RT 32GB tablets actually only have 16GB of Free Space

Just a little bit of piling on, but Microsoft posted a disk space FAQ regarding the amount of space actually available on their new surface tablet. Basically a 32G Surface has 16G free (after OS, recovery tools, Office and other built in apps), and the 64G Surface has 46G free.

Via 9to5 Mac where the story obviously has a pro-Apple bias, and one should note that if you were to include the Apple office software you get:

  • Numbers - 255mb
  • Keynote - 286mb
  • Pages - 231mb

So you’d have to add an additional 800mb (approximately) to the size of the 1G iOS install size to be a more fair comparision. Of course, even 2G is a far cry from 16G used by the Windows RT install. Something to consider when doing an apples to apples comparison of various different tablets.

Posted by Arcterex at November 05, 2012 10:54 AM