January 05, 2013
Google Smartwatch Mockups

With the talk lately about Apple’s (theoretical and rumoured with no basis in reality) Smart Watch, the fine folks over at The Next Web took a Look at how great a Google smartwatch could be.

What strikes me though, is how a smartwatch from Google would be a perfect fit for working with Google Now. A Google Now-equipped watch would be in sync with your Google account, notifying you about upcoming meetings, flight delays, birthdays and more just as Google Now does on recent versions of Android. What do you say, Larry? Make it happen!

Exactly what I was thinking. As an iPhone user Google Now is something that I’m insanely jealous of (though I don’t depend on Google’s services for mail/calendaring), and having that in a watch, especially with sweet designs like this? That’d be awesome.

Posted by Arcterex at January 05, 2013 06:32 PM