January 07, 2013
Adobe Giving Away Photoshop and CS2 For Absolutely Free (Power PC Only) (Update: Not really)

Update: Via this page it seems that the updates are only for existing users, as they’ll not be able to re-install if the activation servers are offline. Makes more sense. Sorry for the bad post and not checking sources more!

Update2: I’ll just leave this here and let you determine if your license qualifies you.

Gizmodo notes that you can Grab Photoshop and CS2 For Absolutely Free from Adobe, without any catches (kinda).

Well, unless you think having an Adobe account is a catch. Anyway, apparently Adobe’s tired of keeping the activation servers running to support legitimate installs of the 10-year-old CS2, so it’s decided to just give it away. Sounds great to me.

The kinda-catch is that this is a Mac-only, PowerPC version, so it’s a non-starter if you’re on a remotely modern Mac.

Posted by Arcterex at January 07, 2013 04:38 PM