March 21, 2013
Rep. Gohmert's Record For Stunning Technological Ignorance Is Broken By... Rep. Gohmert

TechDirt reports on how Rep. Gohmert’s Record For Stunning Technological Ignorance Is Broken By… Rep. Gohmert

My goodness. Yesterday we posted about Rep. Louis Gohmert’s incredible, head-shakingly ignorant exchange with lawyer Orin Kerr during a Congressional hearing concerning “hacking” and the CFAA. In that discussion, Gohmert spoke out in favor of being able to “hack back” and destroy the computers of hackers — and grew indignant at the mere suggestion that this might have unintended consequences or lead people to attack the wrong targets. Gohmert thought that such talk was just Kerr trying to protect hackers.

If you’ve ever wondered why laws about computers and technology doesn’t change, take a look at at the article and video and understand this is someone who is in charge, in part, of the US and it’s laws and direction.

I have no words.

Posted by Arcterex at March 21, 2013 02:07 PM