April 04, 2013
Georgia high school to host first integrated prom

Georgia high school to host first integrated prom, via this reddit story.

Seriously, what the hell Georgia? This sort of crap is why the rest of the world thinks you’re a bunch of backwards hicks, and why the US gets looked down at by other countries. Not because you deserve it, but because stories like this get out and all people see is this sort of stupid, backwards behaviour instead of the good people, great deeds, and amazing advances in science, medicine, and technology that you make.

But seriously, congrats on having a prom that lets both white and non-white students be in the same place, that’s really awesome of you.

Note: based on comments on reddit (and if you don’t read the story) it seems that the school doesn’t have an official prom, so it’s up to the community to do it, which makes it a private event, which lets them keep the black people out invite whomever they want.

Still not convinced this isn’t yet another April Fool’s Day joke however.

Posted by Arcterex at April 04, 2013 05:01 PM