June 10, 2013
Apple Keynote: iOS7, New Mac Pros, New MacBook Airs, New OS/X

A few highlights from the Apple WWDC keynote this morning:

Of course depending on what side of the internet arguing fence you’re on, you’ll be saying this is an amazing / boring list of things and the keynote was full of lies / cool statistics. My quick thoughts on the above items:

iOS 7 is a great looking update with some new and sexy things. The fact that a lot of the functionality already exists in either third party apps or Android is completely irrelevant. People have been complaining “it looks the same as it did in 2007” for the last 5 years, now they can complain that “it looks too different / too much like Android / etc”.

OS/X looks like it’s a fairly boring update, with some nice new stuff, but nothing groundbreaking. Also a horrible name. Sea Lion would have been better.

New Mac Pro will maybe make the pro’s happy. Not a lot of expandability (outside of Thunderbolt, where there’s not a lot of peripherals for yet). And while the form factor is sexy and new (thinking the G4 Cube), it’s not really stackable and seems like it’s different to be different. Still, I’m sure it’ll be an amazingly powerful computer that I can’t afford.

New MacBook Air is all about the battery life (9/12 hours for the 11” / 13”) and not much else. A few bits here and there (802.11ac for example), but mostly it’s a bigger / better tuned for the battery (assuming their battery life stats work out as being true). Maxes out at 8G ram and 512G SSD and a bump in the CPU, for $1849. Pretty pricey still, but starting at $999 is still pretty nice.

Posted by Arcterex at June 10, 2013 12:36 PM