June 21, 2013
Kickstarter Admits Wrong In Allowing "Seduction Guide" to Complete Funding

We were wrong:

Let us be 100% clear: Content promoting or glorifying violence against women or anyone else has always been prohibited from Kickstarter. If a project page contains hateful or abusive material we don’t approve it in the first place. If we had seen this material when the project was submitted to Kickstarter (we didn’t), it never would have been approved. Kickstarter is committed to a culture of respect.

Fourth, today Kickstarter will donate $25,000 to an anti-sexual violence organization called RAINN. It’s an excellent organization that combats exactly the sort of problems our inaction may have encouraged.

Well worth the full read, and good on Kickstarter for coming out and laying it on the table. Sucks they didn’t act fast enough to stop the funding for this project, but they have done what they can I think.

Posted by Arcterex at June 21, 2013 12:37 PM