August 28, 2013
The Omni Group's Answer to the App Store's Lack of Upgrade Pricing

OmniKeyMaster: The Omni Group’s Answer to the App Store’s Lack of Upgrade Pricing via Mac App Storm:

The latter, indeed, hasn’t happened. So today, the Omni team released a new tool, OmniKeyMaster, to help Mac App Store customers transition back to the original Omni Store licenses, in preparation for releasing the hotly anticipated new versions of OmniFocus and OmniOutliner in the upcoming months. It’s a simple little tool: run it, and it’ll detect your App Store licensed Omni apps, ask for your name and email address, then generate a Omni Store license key and email you a backup copy as well.

Definitely an interesting solution to a hard problem. Wonder if it’s something other companies will use as well, to deal with the same issue. Some more information is here.

Posted by Arcterex at August 28, 2013 10:54 AM