September 19, 2013
I lasted 37 hours on Android

I lasted 37 hours on Android

Yes, you can hack into the code and change the location of the commonly accepted awkward lock button…but why should I have to spend a single minute of my time doing that? Is it not HTC’s job to find the best location for the lock button?

Interesting read, even knowing that the author started as an iPhone fan. His points regarding some of the overwhelming ability to customize mirror some of my own experiences with comparing something like KDE. The biggest point I identified with was the Keyboard:

Sure, I can customize the keyboard and change it if I don’t like the stock one…but why should I have to spend any time doing so? Shouldn’t the keyboard be optimium right out of the box?

Still, if you’re an iPhone fan this will read as justification for following the Cult of Jobs, if you’re an Android fan this will read as just another lame attempt to discredit Android by an iSheep. However you fall in this stupid and pointless religious battle, it’s an interesting read.

Posted by Arcterex at September 19, 2013 05:08 PM